Blending e‑commerce portals and procurement to grow global sales

Zones Inc. does about $2 billion a year offering web routers and other info technology items and services to an around the world market, and it’s using its competence in technology to stimulate its development through electronic commerce.This allows our clients to purchase anything online or through their centralized procurement application.Adam Gurr, e-commerce manager Zones(UK)Ltd.”We

‘re aiming to broaden rather rapidly,

“says Adam Gurr

, who is the e-commerce supervisor for Europe and based at Zones (UK)Ltd. in London.”We work with worldwide customers to enable them to experience the exact same level of service all over the world.”Operating that way has needed a versatile mix of e-commerce innovation including a self-service e-commerce platform, tailored portals for lots of corporate consumers, and software that lets Zones’s clients”punch out”from their online procurement management applications to a Zones customized online item catalog.”This allows our clients to order anything online or through their centralized procurement application

,”Gurr says.Adam Gurr, e-commerce manager, Zones UK advertisement Numerous of Zones’s customers run centers dispersed throughout numerous countries, and Zones lets them customize their portals with such features as