Blockchain Foundry Releases New Version of Its Decentralized E-Commerce Marketplace

Blockchain Foundry, a blockchain technology development group and parent company to (), announced this week the release of Blockmarket Desktop 3.0, the latest version of its decentralized e-commerce marketplace developed on the Syscoin blockchain.

We are proud to present the #Syscoin community with #Blockmarket Desktop 3.0!#StayTuned for a more in-depth blog post tomorrow
Download Blockmarket Desktop 3.0 Now!$

— Syscoin (@syscoin) June 26, 2018

In the announcement, the Blockmarket team details the new features made available with the latest update, including an “easy-to-use blockchain-based asset creation portal, simplifying the difficult and time-consuming token creation process.” This builds on the platform that allows the trading of goods and services using hardened smart-contracts built on the Syscoin Protocol.

Syscoin completed a hard fork of its blockchain on May 1, launching Syscoin 3.0, which expands its peer-to-peer electronic cash system to business applications. With the fork, Syscoin now supports a zero-confirmation double-spend protected instant settlement scheme (Z-DAG) for faster transactions and a new system of masternodes for a better consensus model.

The latest version of the Blockmarket is designed to support the features of Syscoin 3.0 while paving the way for future system updates.

Blockmarket Desktop 3.0 is a complete overhaul of the entire Blockmarket technology stack for improved searching and scalability through off-chain services. This release of Blockmarket Desktop is the first to feature support for new features of Syscoin Core 3.0 such as Assets, zero-confirmation transactions (ZDAG) and other improvements.

Those interested in using the Blockmarket Desktop can download it here. Syscoin trades under the symbol SYS on cryptocurrency exchanges and is available on PoloniexBittrex, and several other exchanges.

Syscoin () is a cryptocurrency which features the world’s first decentralized marketplace directly integrated into the wallet platform. The decentralized market allows for near-instant payment-upon-purchase, near zero fees and zero downtime, while offering users the ability to pay for products in either Syscoin, Bitcoin or ZCash for privacy. The backbone of Syscoin is an alias identity system that enables a number of services, including encrypted messaging, digital certificates transfers, and secure escrow. Ultimately, Syscoin plans to seamlessly integrate real-world cryptocurrency usage and storage into a single platform. ()

In-Depth: Syscoin: Cryptocurrency with Wallet-Integrated Decentralized Marketplace

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