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3 Freebies you can give your customers

Giving something free to your customers may sound counterintuitive but it has its merits. According to an article by Time magazine, there are several advantages to giving away freebies. There are scientific studies conducted why the freebies that businesses give away end up being good for the company.

For one, it will get your customers talking and it gives them a good feeling of getting something free. So what kind of things would you need to give away beyond the first free consultation? It depends what your business is. See below for some ideas.

There was an instance when my mechanic came to the house to rescue my dead car. It took him under 10 minutes to figure it out. The best part was that he didn’t even charge me for it. I couldn’t believe it. He was polite, efficient and truly happy to help. After that, my husband and I kept going back to him for our car issues. He gained loyal customers by doing that small act of free service. Of course, it helped that he knew what he was doing. Even a small gesture goes a long way.

Items from your shop

For certain times in a year, you can pick and choose from your shop range on what is the best one to give away as a freebie. But make sure it’s part of a bigger campaign you’re doing for your business. Maybe give away something for mothers on Mother’s Day and dads on Father’s Day. Something as small as a free muffin will go a long way. Make a list of all the public holidays in your state and come up with a good freebie for that day. It doesn’t have to be a big expensive item. If you give it away with a sincere heart and a smile, your customers will appreciate the gesture.

Do you have tips and guides that could help your customers with their business? Consider creating an ebook that you could give away online. Ebooks are not that hard to make these days. Free online tools like Canva can help you create beautiful ebooks without needing a degree in design. It doesn’t have to be super long. It can come in several volumes each year, too. Things like recipes, health tips, social media guide, marketing tips on the digital age and so on. Think about what knowledge you can give your customers and list down some ideas for an ebook.

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