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The world of marketing is constantly changing, and this is why working with an advertising agency in the Bay Area can be an enormous asset.

There are so many different techniques that advertising agencies employ to get the results that businesses are looking for. This is one of the only certifiably effective ways of communicating about a brand or a product to the intended audiences.

Programmatic Marketing

Programmatic marketing is a digital marketing solution, where the delivery of ads is automated to specified target audiences. These ads are delivered in real-time and to those who are actually the most likely to engage with the ad.

In essence, this solution speeds up the marketing process, and it does so with machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). AI and machine learning are used to learn from previous advertising interactions to determine the best course of delivery for ads.

The process is extremely quick and is consistently adapting over time. Moreover, these ads can be delivered through a person’s smartphone, tablet, over audio, public digital displays, or through smart TV.

Because machine learning is independently adapting, it can free up time for the department to work on other pieces of a larger marketing campaign.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is now being leveraged for some of the most effective digital marketing solutions. Marketing is an accepted component of all social media platforms, and as a result, it puts all kinds of products and brands right before the eyes of those who would be the very most interested.

But social media advertising is only effective if it is used properly. Businesses and brands need to determine which platforms will be the best home for their product or service’s advertising because they attract very different viewership.

Social media experts can build out an advertising plan to target the correct platforms with the optimal type of content.

Search Engine Marketing

Most businesses are not fortunate enough to have customers searching for them by name – this type of recognition is reserved for the very top companies of various echelons and dedicated fans.

This is where an online advertising partner in the Bay Area can help by ensuring that search engines bring up your company when someone searches for a product you carry.

The reality is that people are not likely to purchase items from companies that they cannot look up online. Through this method, companies can also piggyback on competitors’ ads by popping up alongside using the right keywords.

Email Marketing

Whether you call them newsletters or flyers, email marketing has been one of the most common ways that businesses reach customers over the past decade.

Email marketing is a great option because it is easily implemented and maintained, cost-effective, and followers can opt-in to receive news, deals, and updates.

With online advertising, Bay Area companies can expand their reach, drive returns on investments (ROI), and future-proof their business.

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