BSE Launches ‘Ask Motabhai’ Chatbot, A New Step Towards Digital Marketing

AI is taking control of the brand marketing area like anything. We have been coming across with news of giants like Google and Amazon using AI and chatbots efficiently and now Bombay Stock Exchange has actually launched our personal Indian eccentric chatbot, calling it ‘Ask MotaBhai’. ‘MotaBhai’ is generally a Gujarati word to resolve huge brother, somebody who is appreciated and reputable. BSE has actually used this name to quickly get in touch with individuals at a psychological level and provide a more personalized sensation. It should show to be an excellent marketing technique for them.

What Would the ChatBot Do?The chatbot has actually been integrated in partnership with Microsoft and Shephertz, the BSE stated in a statement. This will make the interface simpler and faster, wherein individuals would have the ability to get stock and market details from the chatbot. BSE is likewise taking a look at dealing with market-related inquiries on mutual funds, derivatives, and initial public offerings, through the system, going forward.

‘Ask MotaBhai’

is a text-based chat bot for the time being, but an unique identity has actually been provided to the chatbot, Gujarati male caricature worn a pagdi, it has actually been given a human-like feel to it.The Business’s Idea” BSE has constantly been at the leading edge in the adoption of technology-based advancements, and launch of the chatbot marks yet another substantial initiative in BSE’s undertaking to contribute to the smooth client experience. With the chatbot in location we would have the ability to serve our audience better and assist them with quick details without having to go through any other channel,” its MD and CEO Ashishkumar Chauhan said.With more than 5000 companies listed on the BSE’s website with their stock information, the’MotaBhai ‘would have a lot on its plate and will surely make the user experience a smooth one right on the homepage itself.

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