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Simply put, at align5 Films, we are obsessed with telling authentic business stories. We help businesses grow by sharing their unique stories, and their key messages through the power of business video storytelling. We do this by creating video assets that make your company stand out, while at the same time, maximizing your brands’ online presence. We believe that our authentic storytelling approach built on the premise of no choreographed handshakes, no rigid scripts, and having real conversations on camera, allows our customers to feel comfortable telling their most authentic stories.

  1. Gauge the Fit – Let’s talk. If we don’t think we can over deliver maximum value for you, we won’t move forward on the project.
  2. Identify Challenges and Opportunities – Video is a powerful tool that either helps solve problems or exploits opportunities. Let’s uncover them together.
  3. Capture the Content – No stiff or rigid scripts. Our production process is all about authenticity and revealing your story.
  4. Cut the Story Creatively – We’ll shape your story to attract customers and employees that are a perfect fit for your brand.

With the align5 Films’ All Inclusive Package, you receive a library of business video assets to help you with all facets of your business storytelling. We do this by creating video assets that make your company stand out, while at the same time maximizing your brand and online presence. We believe our All Inclusive approach is more cost effective, far less stressful for your company, and yields far more authentic and impactful results than traditional video filming and production solutions.

After we capture the footage, or the clay if you will, we review and edit – extracting all the compelling content to create a library of the following authentic business video assets:

If you are not quite ready for our one day All Inclusive approach, you can always engage with us in an a-la-carte fashion, choosing any individual business video offering you may need. Don’t see the kind of video you’re looking for on the list above? We’re happy to work on a custom request for you. 

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