Case Study: Lighting Showroom Discovers the Power of Digital Marketing

An Atlanta-based lighting showroom came to Marketing 360® needing to move from traditional, offline marketing to digital marketing.  Here’s their story.

Prior to 2016, this Atlanta lighting showroom used a traditional marketing plan that included billboards, direct
mail, magazine, newspaper, and email.

When there was time (hopefully once a month), the business owner logged onto their Facebook page and made a post, hoping to catch some online attention and sales.

He also worked with his creative agency to invest a small portion of his budget on pay per click and display advertising and formed a partnership with a company to manage his reviews online. Over the years, this strategy was not sustainable.

The consumer’s shopping behaviors were changing and he knew he did not have the technology and
resources to drive the sales results he desired from his efforts – or even track his results effectively.

He felt as if he was “flying blind.”

From Traditional to Digital

In the fall of 2015, they decided to make the commitment to digital and hired Marketing 360®.

Their transformation began with a newly designed, responsive, and content-rich (SEO) website with pay per click and retargeting ads.

Today, they’ve collapsed all of their traditional marketing and are 100% digital.

The change has been a huge boost for their marketing ROI.  Here are the top reasons the business is loving Marketing 360®

  1. Marketing 360® has the technology, knowledge and resources to keep up with the ever-changing algorithms of Google and Facebook.
  2. Data tracking provides an empirical measurement on every dollar invested.
  3. Through the Marketing 360® dashboard, he can drill down and see what search terms are performing
    well and what action the terms generated – a call to the showroom, a click for directions, website tour,
  4. There is no lag in understanding the performance of a digital ad.  The reporting dashboard provides real
    time, granular data.
  5. Very easy to manage and stay involved as an owner. He can check reporting, creative, approve upcoming social postings – all from a chair at the beach!
  6. Easy to work with one vendor that offers a team of experienced marketing professionals in all facets of

This work results in sustained growth.  In the past year compared to the previous year, they’ve seen:

  • A 37.85% increase in conversions
  • A 57.03% increase in conversion rates
  • A 22.96% decrease in daily marketing/advertising costs
  • A 446.05% increase in estimated revenue
  • A 634.78% increase in estimated marketing ROI

Because of his relationship with Marketing 360®, they’ve terminated the relationship with their online
reputation/reviews management company that was charging them $16,000/year.

After a year of working with this vendor, he only had a handful of reviews, many of which looked like they were staged reviews from friends and family.

The Reputation Management service with Marketing 360® only costs $245/month and is bringing a return of
better quantity and quality, with more meaningful, authentic customer comments. He said when you look
at his reviews now, they include information on real experiences with his showroom. They’re very
proud to have an overall 4.8-star rating!

Today, the business owner reports that his yearly marketing costs are down 23%.

The bonus, however, is not in the savings, but in the results!  His sales were up 30% in April, much of which is retail foot traffic – not the contractor traffic you see because the economy and the housing market is doing well.

The business owner listens to the recorded calls on the Marketing 360 call tracking system that come into the showroom from his online efforts. From these, he is able to glean information from customers that are converting and those that are not.

It helps him learn how he stacks up against the competition and if he is stocking the right products.  It also let’s him monitor and improve their customer service.

There’s not a lot of mystery to this case study.  It seems obvious that today, advertising online and having a mobile responsive website would be the norm.

But many local businesses with physical shops still haven’t made this transformation.  By seeing how much this business gained by going digital it gives you an idea of how much they’re losing.

If that’s the position you’re in, contact us today.  It’s time to move from print ads to being findable on a phone.

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