Cash Confessional: A week of spending on a 24-year-old digital marketing consultant’s $49,000 salary

Our Cash Confessional series, in partnership withBank of America, takes a personal and anonymous look into how people of all ages and incomes spend their money in the span of seven days.

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The basics

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Industry: Digital Marketing

Income: $49,000

Additional income: $11,000-$14,000 doing offhand consulting

Are you putting anything into savings? 7% 401(k),  $50 per month in savings.

Living situation: A fiancee and a puppy. We pay $759 in total for our apartment in a suburb of Charlotte. We split this two ways.

Student loans: $260/month

Credit card: Vomit-worthy. Monthly payments total over $1,250.

Monthly Bills: Electric $35, water $13, internet $25, car insurance $77, phone $55 and my gas expense is $180.

Three financial goals:

  • Build a three-month emergency fund.
  • Start a new car fund/down-payment fund. I strongly oppose (and quite frankly can’t afford) a car payment, but my old Kia only has so much life left in it.
  • Debt-free by 35.

Here’s how I spent my money this week:


Starting off the week being philanthropic. I donated $55 to support music education. Music changed my life as a teen and helped me find community and identity. It’s an honor to be apart of that for pre-teens in our city. Also paid my part for some décor in our apartment, spending $25 at Michael’s. Leftovers for lunch and dinner, a wonderful $0.

Total spent: $80


Scootered to an early lunch and spent $15.10. Spotify also hits today, $5. Avoided the temptation to Postmates pizza while working late. Trader Joe’s mac ‘n cheese hits the spot instead for $0!

Total spent: $20.10


My car insurance hits first thing this morning, $77. A few of us at the office play the CAVA versus Yafo game for lunch. We head to CAVA. $12.25. Midday slump was extra strong today and the office coffee just wasn’t doing it. A trip to Starbucks fixes that for $2.90.

Taco Bell hits the spot for a quick late-night dinner for us for $15.46.

Total spent: $107.61


It was a day at the doctor’s office. Dental office copay and filling: $40. Vision copay (with a fancy machine I did not ask them to use): $59. Chipotle for a quick lunch (craving chorizo, honestly) $10.34. Checked out a new Mexican restaurant by our house for a night out for $47.73. Skipped the guac, but queso and horchata are my weakness.

Total spent: $157.07


Traveling between client sites today leads me to a Banh Mi spot I’ve never seen on South Boulevard. AMAZING. AMAZING. Sets me back $10.50.

Reload on dog treats and food: $19.90.

Total spent: $30.40


I took a Skillpop class for professional development purposes. $30. Running errands all day means Chick-fil-A for lunch, $9.05.

Total spent: $39.05


Today was an Amazon day. We’re slowly adding household essentials as we can. This includes a mini food processor (mostly for our pup’s food) $12 and assorted office supplies ($70). We’re holding off on the more expensive items until next year. I reloaded my Starbucks app $25.00 (ugh, why?). Grabbed soup at Food Lion for $3.21.

Total spent: $110.21

Weekly total spent: $544.44

What I learned

Food is my weakness, particularly lunches. I don’t know what it, is but I hate bringing lunch and eating in. Getting out of the office for an hour-ish really helps clear my mind and stay productive. A little walk around the block or scooter ride with this beautiful weather is my favorite pick-me-up.

I make breakfast every morning and drink office coffee for my caffeine fix, so I save on those splurges. This is my biggest area for improvement, as every extra dollar I can put toward my debt burden is valuable. Eating out is tearing up my wallet, especially since scootering places around South End/Uptown adds another $3 round-trip.

My debt to income ratio is right around 130% (I’m drowning, but the extra cash makes a slight tiny light at the end of the tunnel). I question things like my 401(k) contribution and minimal savings contribution, but I feel there’s no explicit right or wrong answer. The small savings will hopefully allow me to wean off credit card dependency for the next major curveball life throws.

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