Chart: Amazon’s Dominance in Ecommerce

This Chart Reveals Amazon’s Supremacy in Ecommerce

It’s no trick that Amazon is dominant in ecommerce.But regardless of this prevailing understanding, the most current data behind the surge in Amazon’s market position is still sensational to behold: in the last two years, the currently monstrous Amazon in some way had the ability to increase their share of the overall U.S. ecommerce market from 38%to 49%. Amazon holds almost half

of the enormous $252.7 billion market– that’s more than double the marketplace share of the next 9 companies(including eBay, Walmart, Finest Buy, Apple, etc. )combined!Leaders and Laggards Catching a 50 %share of a desirable U.S. ecommerce market is outstanding, specifically thinking about Amazon is up against lots of

formidable merchants: Rank Business Market Share(2018) # 1 Amazon 49.1%# 2 eBay 6.6 %# 3 Apple 3.9 %# 4 Walmart 3.7%# 5 The Home Depot 1.5% # 6 Best Buy 1.3%# 7 Qurate Retail Group 1.2%

# 8 Macy’s 1.2%# 9 Costco 1.2%# 10 Wayfair 1.1% Merchants like Walmart and Finest Buy

are collectively tossing billions of dollars to

get a grip online. The competition is

definitely intense, but Amazon has still been able

to attain astronomical

growth:2016 2017 2018

Amazon market share 38.1% 43.5%49.1%Will Amazon cap out at 50 % , 60%, 70

%, or beyond?At this point nobody can tell– however despite where the development ends, such a level of dominance has never been attained in the retail

market like this before.A Prime Driver Not as stunning as general ecommerce market share, the company’s Prime Day numbers also illustrate the large size and scale of the company.The most current performance of the annual event in July 2018 raked in$4.2 billion of earnings in a

36-hour period, even though the company had well-publicized technical issues that expense the business$72 million. 2015 2016 2017 2018 Prime Day Sales$0.9 B$1.5 B$2.4 B$ 4.2 B The 2018 occasion brought an earnings increase of 74 %– and Prime Day now produces more sales than Cyber Monday or Black Friday ecommerce sales.There’s no doubt that the Jeff Bezos Empire is holding strong: with$900 billion in market capitalization, Amazon is now in the conversation to sign up with Apple in striking the$1 trillion turning point in the coming months.Embed This Image On Your Site (copy code listed below): Thanks to: Visual Capitalist The post

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