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With the consistent entry of new ecommerce stores in the online marketplace, it has become very much essential for the owner of an online store to make sure that its website fits perfectly to stay ahead in the intense competition. We recommend Coreway Solution as an intelligent Ecommerce Web Development Company. To stand out from all competitors, an ecommerce storeowner should make sure to prepare a checklist containing latest features of web development and thereby, make it ready for 2018. Selection of a Domain Name Domain name creates a huge influence over the internet based on click-through rate, starting from social media to search results, referring links, brand-ability, type-in traffic, and offline advertisement. Hence, your domain name should be- Your selected domain name should compulsorily appear as a brand Your chosen domain name should be neither too short nor too much longer; instead, it should be easy to say, pronounce and share. Use a few broad keywords in your domain name, as it is helpful as per SEO perspective Hosting selection Next, it is very much essential for an ecommerce storeowner to select a reliable web hosting service provider, as it assures both safety and accessibility of any website for the whole year. For this, you have to focus on the selection of right web hosting for your ecommerce store. For this, you should consider- Identification of your specific hosting requirements Necessary factors, such as daily back-ups, RAID protected storage and bandwidth, along with round-the-clock availability Check the offered plug-ins by a hosting provider Responsive HTML Responsive HTML involves an approach to website coding and its layout in such a way that the website offers optimal viewing experience to individuals. This means, a successful ecommerce store to make sure that its website has easy navigation and readability with minimum possible scrolling, panning and resizing across mobile phones, desktops, and computer screens. Responsive HTML design is perfect for SEO of your website, as each page on your website will contain only one URL and thereby, lets you to preserve Google juice. Interactive HTML design of your online store will allow Google Analytics to paint an improved picture of your online store usage based on consolidating the data from various desktop and mobile users. Mobile App Development Leading ecommerce retailers should compulsorily possess custom-made ecommerce mobile apps to deliver their customers with a highly secured, user-friendly and reliable as well as flexible eCommerce platform based on custom-made e-commerce mobile applications. If you are in Philadelphia and looking for out of the box mobile app, we recommend you to go with JaySocial. Mobile apps should be able to deliver- Seamless access, easy navigation as well as bagging of checkout post items Mobile marketing-based powerful features Quick placement of orders and cart management User control and secured payment methods Multiple payment options Successful ecommerce stores should essentially provide multiple payment options to its customers. This factor becomes very much essential for all retailers, who want to cover the global market. At the same time, an online retailer should incorporate an advanced payment gateway for its shopping website. This gateway acts an outlet or an interface to any payment system. Especially, you should go with digital gateway, which consists of buttons and screens of any online shopping cart capable to accept information related to input of payment. A payment gateway is of huge significance, as it provides the secured path from your customer towards your payment system. For this, it encrypts the data and deals with the connection towards the respective payment processor. Without a proper gateway, banking details and credit card numbers will remain at a huge risk. Attractive Web Design as Per Audience User experience depends primarily on the overall structure of any shopping website. In fact, attractive web design based on the preference of audience will increase your chance to convert your visitors into permanent customers if they easily find what exactly they look for. Hence, help your prospects to navigate your website by simply creating it in an intuitive way as possible. SEO Features and Browsing Speed of Your Website Whenever you add new products, you should make sure to consider the SEO of any web page. Website structure, a proper architecture of available information and internal links are very much critical to give ranks to new product pages. You should make sure to link categories from the home page and categories of product parent to make sure Google may easily find you, crawl and index the content within no time. Moreover, you should perform keyword research to know about right keywords and thereby, achieve highest possible returns. Keyword research also helps you to get a huge customer base. Besides SEO, an online storeowner should give the concern to increase the page speed i.e. the time taken by any product/service page to load in mobile phones or desktop. According to experts, only one second of delay in loading time of a page results in approximately 10percent reduce in page views and 7% reduce in online conversions. Hence, you should make sure to boost your web page speed based on- Reduction of an image size CSS optimization Compress the JavaScript Provision to add video with product images With the objective to grab the attention of many prospects online, ecommerce stores of 2018 should compulsorily have provisions to add videos in combination with product images. For instance, you may use the rich text editor on various product pages when you create videos, which may even be available as embedded codes. Live Chat Options for Prospects/Customers Today, people often remain busy in their professional and personal lives, because of which they do not opt to waste valuable time by emailing or giving calls. Hence, ecommerce stores to provide an innovative customer service channel in the form of Live Chat to help the customers efficiently. Especially, you should take steps to give personal feel by your Live Chat system, which includes- Implementation of live chat facility Training of agents to communicate with prospects/customers Understand a few important users’ scenarios in the live chat Analysis of transcripts to optimize your live chat conversations Optimize your live chat facility to achieve mobile traffic With above the mentioned checklist, you will definitely assure your success in the intensely competitive ecommerce industry.

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