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» Capture More Clients with Local SEO

Outranking the big boys in search results was virtually impossible in the SEO world until Google allowed businesses to compete for search rankings on a local level.

Suppose you operate in Woodland Hills, CA. In this case, you would look to rank favorably for searches featuring keywords such as Construction Company in Woodland Hills CA or Woodland Hills CA Construction Company.

Today, 46% of Google searches have local intent, and over 70 percent of individuals who look for local businesses online are likely to visit a local store within 8 kilometers of their present location. That is the remarkable market potential local SEO holds for your construction business.

To get started with local SEO, adapt your construction company website for local searches by incorporating long-tail, local keywords in your content.

Next, claim your Google My Business(GMB) listing. Verify the consistency of your NAP information (name, address, and contact), and include an optimized business description. Optimize your GMB description with one or two keywords while avoiding keyword stuffing. You also want to have professional business images to draw more attention to your business.

Do not forget to claim and customize your business pages in review sites like Angie’s List, Yelp, Manta, BBB, and other industry/niche-specific review sites.

» Drive More Qualified Leads with PPC Advertising

Get started with PPC for construction companies by finding the right keywords. Optimize results and lower your CPC by using long-tail keywords (containing at least three words) that closely relate to your business. Indeed, nearly 70% of search queries consist of four words or more. You also want to include non-converting terms as negative keywords to eliminate non-profitable clicks and prevent ad budget wastage.

Organize your campaigns using ad groups, which house your keywords, text ads, and landing pages.

Search engines will often rely on your Ad group organization to determine which keywords your ads will rank for, what your ads say when running, and the landing pages where visitors will be directed to upon clicking on your ads. Well-aligned ad groups are central to improving your ads’ quality score and lowering your costs. Also, more targeted ad texts and landing pages increase your conversions.

You should continually evaluate your campaign performance and make data-backed adjustments to optimize your results. The adjustments can include shutting off costly, underperforming keywords and refining your landing pages.

» Educate Your Audience with Content Marketing

Content marketing helps you showcase your expertise, stamp your authority in the construction industry, and boost your business’s credibility.

Look to create unique, informative, and engaging content that resonates with your target audience. Among the content forms, you can try to include blog posts, videos, infographics, case studies, white papers, and e-books.

Talking of construction blog ideas, the following are a few things you can discuss:

  • Current construction industry trends
  • Tips for hiring a construction company
  • How to choose construction materials
  • Your completed projects
  • Customer testimonials

Use keyword research tools to determine relevant keywords for your content and generate content ideas. You can also run brainstorming sessions with your team to determine unique topics for your blogs and other content marketing types. You also want to post content regularly to keep your brand on top of your targets’ minds. But always remember: it is more of quality than quantity in content marketing for construction companies.

» Increase Engagements with Social Media Marketing

Intimidated by the need to post engaging content on multiple accounts several times a day, several construction companies understandably avoid social media. But the latest social media statistics demonstrate that this marketing strategy indeed plays a vital role in brand awareness and revenue growth.

When dipping your toes in social media marketing for construction companies, first determine your objectives- it could be brand awareness, community engagement, sales generation, etc. Then, offer your followers exciting and valuable content only on platforms that bring value to your construction business.

Finally, engage your followers/customers in meaningful conversations by answering their questions, responding to their reviews, and appreciating their effort to share your content.

» Impress with Great Reviews

Your construction digital marketing strategies could be driving tens of leads to your business monthly, and you have gone the extra step to create awesome web content. But if you have poor or no online reviews, potential customers will likely choose competitors with better ratings.

Considering that 94% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, you certainly need to work on your online review strategy.

Firstly, offer impeccable experiences worth generous reviews. If you have perfected your art but are yet to see recent reviews, be proactive- ask for reviews from your customers via emails, social media direct messages, receipts/invoices, over the phone, or even in person. In fact, 77% of customers will happily leave an online review if requested.

Sometimes you will have to deal with negative reviews. In such situations, avoid taking the emotional path, accept responsibility for the mistakes and try making things right with your customers.

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