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If you’re looking to put your work and presence out there, the A’ Design Award is your platform for that global reach. One of the most encouraging yet prestigious design competitions in the world, it aims to offer a stage for creatives of all walks of life, whether accomplished or just on the cusp of being discovered.

Don’t break your momentum, as now’s the time to let your work propel you forward. The competition is open for early submissions, and you can now nominate your best projects for an opportunity to gain worldwide credibility and recognition from brands, fellow creatives, potential buyers, and the international media.

The award recognizes design excellence in disciplines relating to—but certainly not exclusive to—architecture, visual communication, advertising, packaging, photo manipulation , and even design for public awareness. These are just the tip of the iceberg, and you can discover about 100 other design award categories here.

Sure, fame and prestige sound wonderful enough, but laureates will also receive a comprehensive A’ Design Prize consisting of a trophy, a framed design excellence certificate, a winners’ manual demonstrating how to leverage your new award status, free space allocation in both online and physical editions of the winners’ exhibition, free gala night invitations for two to the award ceremony, lifelong licensing of the A’ Design winners’ logo, international media attention, an inclusion in the World Design Rankings, and much more.

Entries will be judged by a grand jury panel of academics, design professionals, industry experts and members of the press from all over the world. This lineup refreshes every year, so projects will be reviewed with fresh eyes each time.

It’s time to seize your moment. Send in your work to the A’ Design Award before early submissions close on June 30, 2021. DesignTAXI will announce the results on May 1, 2022.

Scroll down to check out some winning projects from previous years. To find out more about the A’ Design Award & Competition, please head here.

Pepsi China People’s Daily New Media Beverage

“At Pepsi, we have been moved by the courageous people showing up, day after day, for their communities. Their spirit of love is deeply inspiring,” details PepsiCo Design and Innovation. “As an homage to them, we launched the Everyday Heroes campaign, a meaningful tribute expressed through commemorative can designs.”

Samsung Bot Chef Robotic Arm

“Designed to work collaboratively with humans in the kitchen, Bot Chef can help chop, stir, season, and cook the perfect meal through simple voice interactions,” describes Samsung’s Think Tank Team. “Bot Chef can read, understand, and assign tasks in regular recipes through natural language processing, and is designed to use everyday kitchen tools and utensils.”

“Time Holiday is a series of mobile homes can be easily transported to any and every location without any limitations to terrains and topography. Saving on total costs and unnecessary construction waste, these villas also do not require any foundation,” says architect Chester Goh. “The inspiration is drawn from the concept of futuristic sustainability and tiny living. Wanting to wake up to the morning of serene blue sea, lush green grassland or a majestic golden dessert in a modular pod that is closely connected to nature has been the driving inspiration to this project.”

Graphic designer Andre Caputo says he took inspiration from “movies such as Hugo, The Nutcracker, Dumbo, and The Greatest Showman” to design this conceptual watch capturing “magic, fantasy and wonderful feelings.”

Water motifs engulf the interior of this swim club, says architect Xiang Li. The front desk, for example, is modeled after a ship, and the drop lighting in the reading room resembles “sprays of water splashing in the sky, shining in the air.”

FLOAT Strawless Bubble Tea Cup

Bubble tea might be a worldwide phenomenon, but Taiwan is proud to call it its own. Unfortunately, its cups and straws aren’t great for the environment, though that won’t be a problem with this reusable drinkware. “FLOAT is a reusable cup that doesn’t need a straw but [lets you still] drink bubble tea,” describe designers Fang Shih and Tian-Yu Wu.

MICROSCAPE accurate 3D-printed scale city models

Architects and long-time friends William Ngo and Alan Silverman created MICROSCAPE, a “collection of architecturally-precise models of cities around the world.” For precision, they captured thousands of aerial photos of cities and processed them through a computer, before 3D-printing the sculptures. You’re looking at their model of New York City.

“The name ‘parachute’ [comes from] the Italian word ‘parare’ (to protect)… [and] the French word ‘chute’ (to fall). I thought that was a rather fine name,” says product designer Yusuke Watanabe. “I tried to think of devices that protect against falling. When in use, the plank for the section being used falls, and hangs there. Your coat, your magazine [are protected] from falling.”

Songhua River Rice Rice Package

”Koi [fish represent] good luck in China,” says 33 and Branding Co., Ltd, making these packs of rice an auspicious gift for Chinese New Year. Scales were laser-cut for a 3D effect.

Minimal Techno Arm Chair

”This is a prototype arm chair which is constructed from recycled solid steel and repurposed bamboo hardwood flooring,” begins furniture designer Sebastiaan Van Beest. He elaborates, “This design was made with the use of negative space being in the forefront. It is designed to feel as though not much space is being consumed, yet has a large presence. the construction is very strong and can hold weights that exceed 250lbs as tested.”

The Daily Greek Packaging

“Paying homage to the Greek heritage, influenced by the well-known Greek color palette of white and blue shades, and enchanted by the power of the simplicity of all geometrical forms, the designers used harmonious lines and shapes to create eye-catching patterns that make a striking visual statement,” says packaging designer Antonia Skaraki. “These were the guiding stars that set the course towards a design that would be infused with the flavors of Greece.”

Mi Bluetooth Headset Mini Bluetooth Headset

“The design of the product is quite minimalistic, with only a circular button on the shell,” explains Xiaomi. “To make it more interesting, the design use images of famous musicians in the packaging, contributing to a personification of the product: the oval shape becomes the head, and the button becomes an open mouth.”

“The pagoda is a place where Buddhist scriptures are stored, and we used this meaning to design this cabinet… We changed the way this cabinet opens and closes. Artfully rotated through the shape of the pagoda,” says Pandi Li.

“Waving is a music player that can store desktop items. The inspiration of product modeling comes from the shape of waves, and the music played by the product fluctuates like waves,” explains industrial design student RuiWang Xiang. “Waving can store desktop items, play music through the phone Bluetooth, and put the phone on top. Waving can be used in desktop office environment.”

ShuiFa-White Marble in the Wilderness Property Exhibition Center

“Through a four-‘stone’ arrangement, [the] pavement is like a stream of clear spring water flowing from the cracks in the rocks. The building contains residential sales expos, property expos, and offices,” describes architect Qun Wen.

Miltos Botchan Ressha Packaging

“The chocolate has a playful design to it that expresses the route on which the train runs as a maze… [in this] collaborative product and package between a locomotive with more than 130 years of history and an up-and-coming, well-acclaimed chocolatier,” explains art director Yuta Takahashi. “The deep green of the package symbolizes the trade color of the train and the color of matcha chocolate. The chocolates are decorated with the motif of an actual route map, adding a touch of playfulness.”

“The inspiration for the project comes from [movies themselves],” explains architect Xiang Li. “We moved the shooting scene of film production [sets] to the main hall of the theater… the audience will be immediately impressed by [a] dramatic scene the moment they enter the theater.”

Modeling clay turns into animal hair with this selection of toys by Yi-Teng Shih, Vincent Mao and Jay Li, allowing kids to give out quarantine haircuts while engaging in tactile play.

UnBespoke Table Top Object

Designers Jeeyea Kim and Dorian Bybee liken this display piece to the Haberdasher Puzzle, where a square is split into pieces are reshaped into an equilateral triangle. “There are four triangulated stone pieces that are designed to hold tea light candles and/or small-scale plants,” they say. “UnBespoke can be arranged in a variety of formations – from square to equilateral triangle or in any configurations as the user experiments with them.”

“A blue moon, as anyone who has heard the phrase might guess, is a rare phenomenon. A blue moon on Halloween visible all over the globe is even more rare. This unique event happened on 31 October 2020, and the next one will only happen on Halloween 2039. While the whole world was talking about this curious full moon, Guinness became part of the conversation by posting this unique visual to light up social media feeds on Halloween night,” explains senior art director Fabiano Dalmácio.

Don’t miss the chance to be featured too. Nominate your work at the A’ Design Award before the deadline for early submissions closes on June 30, 2021.

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