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A TikTok trend that started out as an activity for self-love and acceptance is now taking a malevolent turn, and creators are hoping to put a stop to it.

The ‘Silhouette’ challenge is a popular theme of videos on the platform that portrays participants in dimly-lit settings and under a red filter, showcasing just their silhouettes. Due to their obscurity, many of these creators are wearing close to nothing, or if any clothes at all.

BuzzFeed News reports that there is a growing number of tutorials on YouTube that specifically teach predators to “remove [the] red light filter” from the videos using editing software, therefore bringing visibility to the TikTokers’ bodies.

Fellow social media users have uploaded videos to urge others not to participate in the challenge while wearing their birthday suits if they don’t wish for their footage to be exploited by someone else, “even though they’re all really cute and creative, and you all look bomb in them,” expressed photographer Kai Lee.

According to the news outlet, some Twitter accounts sharing edited versions of the videos have been suspended. One subreddit, r/SilhouetteUnfilted, has also been banned. Unfortunately, a quick search on YouTube reveals that it remains a hotbed for the malicious reverse-editing tutorials.

As Lee suggested, “Just make sure you’re being cognizant of what you’re wearing before you do all the editing for the final product.”

PSA: if y’all do the #silhouettechallenge please do not do it completely naked. Long story short, red is a primary color that can be easily removed with video editing. If you don’t want your naked highly visible butt shared on the web.. you know the rest

— most hated 7 fig nig (@ZySavy) January 28, 2021


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