Crypto Peer-to-Peer Market

Standard ICO Report Structure:

  • Part 1: ICO Analysis (What is it about? What is the ICO intending to do? Describes exactly what the platform is.)
  • Part 3: Useful Hyperlinks (More Research)

Part 1: ICO Analysis

What is the Ubcoin Platform?– Ubcoin is a platform

that will permit users to connect and produce purchasing and selling orders in a global mobile marketplace. Ubcoin will assist in the trades and make revenue through charges that are created on the platform.Ubcoin isn’t really new to the

international marketplace market, as they already have actually a platform called Ubank with 16,000,000 downloads. The cryptocurrency market is exploding and in order to have adoption and mainstream targets, cryptocurrencies require to be utilized.Ubcoin will bring

cryptocurrencies to the next stage by permitting people to produce trades.Problems in the Market

— Buying cryptocurrency has gotten a lot simpler

to do over the previous few years, however, can still be a difficult and confusing procedure. Delays in between orders are still a big issue, as individuals desire the cryptocurrency right away and not wait a week to get the coins.Fiat to cryptocurrency conversions make it difficult for individuals

to get into cryptocurrency as government-issued currency goes through heavy regulation.However conversions in between physical products and cryptocurrency have been slowly getting momentum

, but an international market for physical items hasn’t been produced. Ubcoin thinks this will be the competitive benefit needed in the market and will allow them to record a substantial portion of the exchange market.No one need to be rejected cryptocurrency based on where they live or the fiat currency they have. Which is why Ubcoin was produced, to permit

anybody to buy cryptocurrency and bring the power back in the hands of the people.Solutions to the problems– Ubcoin will create an easy to use platform so that individuals who might not be super involved in cryptocurrency can

still take part and do it with confidence

. By 2020 the cryptocurrency market is expected to get 200,000,000 users, which means uptime and consumer support will have to be a concern on Ubcoin.In the previous cryptocurrency exchanges have had a lot of issues in the client support area, however Ubcoin will be committed to its users.Billions of people have smartphones and so they will have the ability to access the platform which will prosper on the cellphone and offer Ubcoin a huge benefit. Smart agreements will assist facilitate the trades and so scams will be gotten rid of from the platform as the code will prevent dishonest trades.The platform will operate on the Ethereum network so it will scale in regards to transactions as Ethereum rolls out its solutions such as plasma.Token Energy– The native Ubcoin will be utilized as a possession in the trading contracts on the platform. Users that own the Ubcoin will be able to exchange their digital properties, and products on the digital market. The native token will likewise trade on other exchanges so that if a user desires

to exit the market they are able

to exchange the Ubcoin for a liquid coin like Bitcoin or Ethereum.The platform will use Ubcoin in the deals therefore as more individuals utilize the platform more need will be developed for the token itself. So if Ubcoin is able to bring in users like they have actually done with their other product Ubank, then the price of the token will rise.Part 2: Crowdsale Analysis– Details & Token Supply Total token supply: 650,000,000 Token type: ERC-20 Token Cost: 1 UBC =.00011574 ETH Token Circulation:45 -Public ICO 31%– Reserve Pool 12 %– Team allocation 5%– Minimal Presale 4%– Bounty 3%– Community Rewards Part 3: Useful Hyperlinks( Additional Research )Website link:!.?.!Whitepaper:!.?.!Twitter:!.?.!Telegram:!.?.!Medium:!.?.!Facebook:

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