Deloitte BrandVoice: Scaling The Heights: Digital Platforms And The Marketplace Of The Future

By Paul Sallomi, Deloitte Global Tech, Media, & & Telecom Industry leader

If you are not convinced that digital platforms are overthrowing the conventional paths to success and scale, have a look at the evaluations of digital platforms against their nondigital equivalents. In industries as disparate as vehicle and travel, digital platforms are equating to– and typically outstripping– the market capitalization of a few of the most significant and oldest names in their particular markets. And they did it in a fraction of the time with a fraction of the staff. their digital platform and environment methods. And while the big names might dominate the headlines, the growing platform presence beyond these couple of might mean the real effect of digital platforms and communities is still yet to be felt.Download the Platforms and Communities: Allowing the Digital Economy report and access the SlideShare and collection of case studies .