Digital Creative Institute (DCI) Teaching Takeaways | Tribu Digital Marketing Advertising firm in San Antonio, TX

A couple weeks ago, team members from Tribu were invited to assist the Digital Creative Institute (DCI) in San Antonio with teaching the social media portion of their curriculum to this year’s cohort, a talented group of young professionals looking to transform their career through the 15-month digital marketing apprenticeship program.

What is DCI: Digital Creative Institute is a transformative 15-month digital marketing apprenticeship program that focuses on giving recent college graduates the necessary skills to thrive in the workforce and providing local businesses in San Antonio and Austin with highly qualified and productive talent.

I had such an amazing time with the apprentices and want to share a few great takeaways that helped me to also realign as a social media professional and get back to the basics.

Thanks again for a great time, DCI! Hopefully, we can work together again soon.

Interested in learning more about DCI, check them out ! Looking for an amazing partner to take your business to the next level? Give us a call!