Digital Marketing 101 with Reva Minkoff

Digital Marketing 101 with Reva Minkoff

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Tues, June 20th, 2023 · 11A CT/12P ET/ 9A PT


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So you have your product and/or service. Now what?

Learn some ways to get the word out about your company, as well as some things to think about so that any money you spend, you spend efficiently.

This workshop will help you learn:

  • What’s the difference between search and display advertising, and when should you use each?
  • What are options for advertising your company?
  • What does CPC mean?
  • What are some landing page best practices to improve conversions?

Join Reva Minkoff of on June 20th at 11A CT to learn core components and basic strategies in Digital Marketing.

Let’s Talk About Reva

Reva Minkoff is the Founder and President of Digital4Startups, Inc. An experienced digital marketing expert and respected mentor in the Chicago entrepreneurial community, Reva was one of five finalists for the Women in Tech award in Sales & Marketing in 2018, was named Gamechanger of the Year in the ACQ5 Global Awards, and is an alum of Chicago Inno’s 50 on Fire List, among other accolades. Reva also teaches or has taught at a number of schools and programs throughout the Chicago area, including at Loyola University Chicago’s Quinlan School of Business, Tribeca Flashpoint Academy’s Digital Professional Institute, The Startup Institute, The Founder Institute, Techstars, 1871, and Future Founders. She is also the proud Mom of her son, Andrew.g.

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The post Digital Marketing 101 with Reva Minkoff appeared first on The Founding Moms.

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