Digital Marketing Agency, Gravity Junction, Doubles In Size Amidst COVID Pandemic

Gravity Junction – Full Service Marketing Agency

Gravity Junction, a full-service marketing, web design and software development agency, has doubled in scope, and helped clients achieve success despite the struggling COVID economy.

Aside from continuously improving upon internal processes and investing in new technology, Gravity Junction founder and CEO, Sharla Crawford, acknowledges this growth couldn’t have happened without strong industry and client relationships.

“Even though we are a digital marketing agency, my life has revolved around people and building relationships regardless of business deals. This philosophy has not only created incredible, long-lasting friendships, but it’s also lent to long-standing endless referrals, especially during this pandemic,” states Crawford.

A small sampling of the clients the agency serves include Addison Leadership Group, Asa Holdings and its subsidiaries, and Updos For I Dos, each of these clients focus on vastly different industries which is common at Gravity Junction.

Gravity Junction’s recent growth and success can be partially attributed to temporarily scaling back during the onset of the COVID pandemic.

“To preserve our existing client base, we scaled back to working four days a week in the early days of COVID. This move was precautionary to ensure financial security for the business and offer our team members an extra day to relax during such a stressful period,” says Crawford.

After temporarily reducing operations in the spring, Gravity Junction reinstated it’s previous hours, taking on eighteen new clients within a six month time frame and expanding its team of seven, by hiring nine additional website developers, software developers, and content creators.

“The talent of the Gravity Junction team really runs the gambit,” said company CTO, Michael Crawford. “We have senior software developers who can build incredible functionality into websites as well as internal software, we have award-winning copywriters, and truly amazing front end developers and graphic designers. It’s an exciting time for us. We can tackle almost any project and make a tremendous impact for our clients, especially in such a challenging time.”

The need for excellent marketing, web design, and specialized software is still in great demand, even during the economic downturn. Gravity Junction is looking toward the future by adding rocket fuel behind the brands and companies it represents in 2020 and beyond.

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