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Congratulations! You’ve decided to hire an agency to help you bolster your digital marketing efforts. That’s not a big surprise given that 60% of small businesses consider online marketing and sales an important part of their growth plan. From content marketing to paid media, investing in digital marketing is a great idea – once you hire them, of course.

There are several moving parts to finding a partner, and choosing the right digital marketing agency is only one part of the process. Just like when you’re building a new website, it takes several steps and a lot of planning to onboard a new digital marketing agency. Even a few missteps can cause quite a tumble, and there are plenty of opportunities to fall flat on your face.

That need for organization is why it’s smart to use a digital marketing agency checklist to onboard your new partner. From overall goals to account access, there are plenty of important boxes to tick. We’ve put together a thorough agency onboarding checklist to help you make this process as easy as possible for both parties.

Aztek’s Onboarding Checklist: Everything Clients Need to Partner with a Digital Marketing Agency


Target Audience

Project Management


Website Functional Requirements


Content Management




Social Media

Data Security


Set Up Your Digital Marketing Agency Partnership for Success with the Onboarding Checklist

Whether you’re starting to look for potential agency partners or are ready to invest in your digital marketing efforts, our list should help you keep track of everything you need to bolster your online efforts with a new partnership.

Of course, a checklist can only go so far if you don’t have a digital marketing agency to onboard. Good news – we just so happen to be good at digital marketing. Aztek partners with businesses to help them build a better, more comprehensive digital marketing program to support their goals. Ready to learn more? Reach out to us today to see if we’re a good fit for you.

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