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DeltinaU’s Mastery of Digital Marketing Certificate

Are you ready to beef up your resume or start that new career?

DeltinaU’s mastery of digital marketing certificate is for those who want intensive training in digital marketing.

The program is based on the Social Media Certificate program Deltina Hay designed, developed, and taught for Drury University, and on her critically acclaimed books: The Social Media Survival Guide and The Bootstrapper’s Guide to the Mobile Web.

The Mastery of Digital Marketing certificate program:

How it Works

The Digital Marketing certificate program lasts eight weeks, with one weekly lecture and one weekly virtual lab. In addition to the lectures and labs, there are 22+ self-paced online courses to choose from. Some of the courses are required, other courses students choose based on the student’s emphasis.

Present emphases include: Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Ecommerce and Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Organic Search Optimization.

Each online course includes specific hands-on assignments. The instructor approves the assignments based on a pre-determined checklist.

A project, based on the student’s emphasis, is also required. Students work closely with the instructor to ensure their project is representative of what she has learned and adheres to professional standards.

Selected readings are assigned throughout the program, and students are required to participate in private, online forum discussions around selected readings and other relevant issues.

More Information on the Digital Marketing Certificate: Lectures, Labs, Assignments, Projects…

Online Lectures

Students are required to attend virtual, instructor-led lectures once a week. The lectures give an overview of weekly topics, and encourage discussion and questions.

Lectures take place in the GoToMeeting online meeting environment. The instructor uses the video option during lectures, but students are not required to use video to participate.

Virtual Labs

Weekly virtual labs take place in a forum setting. A new forum topic is created each week, and kept open for the duration of the lab – typically 1.5 hours. Students post questions, and the instructor answers questions within the forum in real-time.

The virtual lab is a great way for students to carve out a specific time during the week to work on assignments and troubleshoot issues they may be having with the tools. However, students are not required to attend the lab for the entire duration if they don’t have questions or problems.

Self-Paced Courses

The online video courses are self-contained courses covering specific topics and tools such as Twitter essentials, Facebook pages, social media analytics, mobile marketing, or blogging with WordPress. Each course has its own assignments that students must complete.

The self-paced nature of the courses allows students to progress at a pace that is comfortable for them within each course. However, there is an expectation that courses be completed before specific lectures and/or virtual labs. This keeps students from falling behind, and lends them the best opportunity to ask relevant questions.

Assignments and Exams

Assignments are hands-on mini-projects such as creating a blog, Facebook page, or YouTube channel. Therefore, specific assignments depend on which courses a student takes, depending on their emphasis.

There are specific requirements for each assignment that is provided to students at the beginning of the course. The Mastery in Digital Certificate Program emphasizes optimization and best practices, and assignments are held to those standards.

Students are required to get a passing grade on a 50-question exam during the final week of the program.

Student Projects

The student project is meant to be a real-world representation of what the student has learned in the course. Projects topics are typically chosen based on the student’s emphasis.

Project examples include:

Students often use this opportunity to create completed (and instructor vetted) social media marketing plans, websites, blogs, or other projects for their business or present employers.

Certification Details

In order to receive the Mastery in Digital Marketing Certificate from DeltinaU, you must:

Even if you do not qualify for the mastery certificate, you will receive a Certificate of Completion for every individual course you complete and pass. If you complete and pass every course, you will receive a Certificate in Digital Marketing Certificate.

Regardless of which certificate you receive, you will be awarded a Certificate to place on your LinkedIn Profile.

Completing and passing every course, and passing the 50 question test will help prepare you for the OMCP exam. OMCP ( is a certification for online marketing professionals. Please check for other requirements.

Course Schedule

Due to global interest, I plan to offer two iterations of the program beginning August 2015.

Lecture times are planned for:

Lab times planned for:

There is a minimum of 12 students total (both lecture times) for a course to begin; and a maximum of 20.

We are now accepting enrollment for a Tuesday, August 4, 2015 start date! Email [email protected] to secure your spot in the Mastery in Digital Marketing Certificate program.

Program Cost

The total cost is $2499.00 USD. There are no additional fees.

We are no longer accepting enrollment for the January 2015 session. 

Enrollment is limited to 20 students.

Payment Plan: A deposit is required prior to start date to hold your place. Balance is due before the third week of class. No refunds are issued after the first week of the program, and 25% of the total cost is non-refundable. Note: There is no payment plan for special deals.

Scholarships: One scholarship per course iteration is awarded to a student with demonstrated and verifiable need. Scholarships are automatically awarded to qualified candidates who are graduates of The University of the People or Native Americans presently residing in an American Indian Reservation.

Contact Information

For a course schedule that includes specific lecture topics and a complete online course list, contact [email protected].

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