Digital Marketing Eduction from TWI Partner Footprint Digital – Online Course Material

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Digital Marketing Education from Footprint Digital

Footprint Digital are a digital marketing agency who have held education at their core for the last decade. Their ethos is to humanise digital – make it accessible, remove the confusion and help businesses confidently achieve more online. Part of their efforts to bring digital marketing education to all was the publication of their book ‘Shoot the HiPPO: How to be a killer digital marketing manager’ in 2020. Then, in 2021 they launched an online course of the same name. The ‘HiPPO’ stands for Highest Paid Person’s Opinion, and both the book and online course are designed to give marketers the tools they need to make decisions based on data rather than gut feel, or their boss’s opinion.

Footprint Digital’s Online Course

If you’re brand new to digital marketing, or you want to brush up on your marketing knowledge, this course is for you. Over 20 topics and 150 individual lessons you will soak up all of the information about digital marketing necessary to shoot down the highest paid person’s opinion with data and start making decisions based on fact rather than opinion. Pre-covid, the Footprint Digital team delivered this course in person, once a year. Teaching this course had become an annual highlight, so they had to pivot their offering and develop an online version of their tried and trusted material, delivered by their own expert team. From technical SEO and paid search skills, to strategy, project management and other cultural tools, you will learn everything you need to bridge the gap from academia to the real world, or improve the digital marketing department you are already working in.

The course includes:

  • 20 topics with 150 individual lessons
  • Interactive quizzes throughout
  • Video and written content
  • Practical activities to apply to your business
  • A certificate upon completion
  • The ability to dip in and out whenever you please – the course is yours to keep.

Find out more about the course and get started here.

The ‘Shoot the HiPPO’ book

The book contains much of the same information as the course, and is a more entry level investment in your education. Written by the Directors of Footprint Digital, it is the practical guide for people who want to achieve things they never thought possible and help their organisation exceed online. Described by Professor Paurav Shukla as “an enormous gift of generosity to Digital Marketing Managers” and Professor Maged Ali as “the perfect bridge from academia to the real world” it will empower everyone from students entering the marketing world to current professionals wanting to improve their knowledge.

You can purchase the physical book or e-book here, or download it on Audible.

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