Digital marketing firm WordFly reports ransomware attack

WordFly, a digital marketing company for arts and entertainment orgs, had recently reported a ransomware attack that concerned numerous of their clients and partners worldwide. Some of the major companies that the digital marketing firm handles are the Sydney Dance Company in Australia, the UK’s Old Vic Theatre, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, and more.

A few days ago, WordFly’s spokesperson reported a ransomware incident in their technological environment, thus causing service disruptions. The firm also added that the attackers had encrypted the WordFly app and transferred several important data of their customers to an unknown external location.

The compromised data includes clients’ email addresses, full names, and other critical information their customers collect through the WordFly forms. The company had also teamed up with cybersecurity and forensic analysts to help them investigate and solve the issue.

After confirming that the stolen data had already been deleted from the threat actors’ server, the digital marketing firm clarified that there is no evidence of the data being misused or disseminated elsewhere.

WordFly’s security team continued to investigate the incident despite it already being contained. Some of the firm’s services remain offline, while others have already been gradually restored.

To address the concerns that the cyberattack incident has brought to WordFly’s clients, the digital marketing firm assured them that none of the stolen data was sensitive and that there is no proof that it will be used to inflict harm against the impacted clients.

Even though WordFly insisted that the incident was already contained, many of their clients still expressed worry. Further reassurance was sent by the digital marketing firm to their clients, although they were still advised to be wary of suspicious activities linked to their compromised information. The clients also warned their respective customers to monitor their financial accounts well, as attackers could abuse them for unauthorised transactions.

Despite WordFly’s continued assurance, the concern of their clients has already been vented, including Symphony Orchestra, which warned their customers to remain vigilant. Meanwhile, several other partners of the digital marketing firm also sent warnings to their customers.

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