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Identify Your target Audience

To promote an astrology-based business, we need to know our target audience; the target audience here would be 18- to 30-year-olds, or the gen z and Millennials. In a poll by an insider, it was revealed that 16% of the respondents believed in it strongly and 28% respondents somewhat believed in it, 30% said they were skeptical and believed on and off and the other 27% said they didn’t believe in it at all. We need to focus on the 44% that said they strongly and somewhat believe in astrology.

Connect with target Audience, Become Socially Visual

Focusing on social media platforms individually, let’s start with Instagram. Instagram is now a video-sharing and shopping-focused app, making it the perfect platform for marketing. With TikTok being banned and reels taking over, we need to focus on making engaging content that not only informs them about our product but also gives additional information that will make them ease more towards our products. Using proper hashtags, sharing techniques, and promotions, we can reach a lot of users and increase engagement. Respond to queries and be consistent with our posting schedules. Instead, we should focus on 18 to 20/ 23-year-olds, follow the trends and make it fun.

Capture Moments & Share

Get used to snapping moments throughout the day that can be shared on social media and start building a bank of images to make the process of posting easier. You can post quotes like- Vastu Quotes, morning positive thoughts, planet changes etc. There is always a story movement you can share. The important thing is to get into the habit of collecting content and posting regularly.
Facebook is still a major photo-sharing app, while it still has a shopping aspect, it is not as enhanced or used, so here we need to focus on the millennials more than the gen z, cater to the interest of those between 25 and 30 years of age. Post horoscopes, things to be careful of, and a bit more mature content, while also constantly promote our Instagram handle.

Uploading Blogs

Another important thing would be to have a updated blog, an online blog that displays all the services, their advantages, price ranges, and other FAQs about our services, having a blog will make it easier for them to undesrstand an astrologer, and our DMs will always be open for any queries and customizations. Astrology and spirituality are being popularised and coming into mainstream media and are something that would be perfect for digital marketing, and using social media platforms is the best way to promote businesses and products.

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