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Digital Marketing for Business Professionals

Ready to build brand awareness and best your competition?

Access all DeltinaU digital marketing courses and get consultation on your own real-world project!

The DeltinaU Digital Marketing for Business Professionals deal:

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All Courses Included (Valued at over $1,600!)

Get access to all existing DeltinaU courses (those in the marketplace) AND many exclusive courses available only to certificate students. The current list is below. Courses are added regularly.

The project is meant to be a practical, real-world representation of what the student has learned in the course.

Project examples include:

Most people use this opportunity to create completed (and instructor vetted) social media marketing plans, YouTube channels, blogs, or other projects for their business or present employers.

The instructor is available on the forums and via email to assist with the completion of your project. In addition, you can schedule up to two virtual meetings with the instructor for additional help and brain storming.

Certification Details

Each individual course in this offer has its own Certificate of Completion.

A certificate of completion for a course is automatically issued if you watch all the lessons and score a 70% or better on the course quiz.

You can also receive a Certificate in Digital Marketing from DeltinaU if you complete and pass every course. This certificate can be displayed on your LinkedIn Profile.

Completing and passing every course, and passing the optional 50 question test will help prepare you for the OMCP exam. OMCP ( is a certification for online marketing professionals. Please check for other requirements.

Other Perks

Additional Courses as They are Released

You also get access to any new courses that are released within your 6-month enrollment period. You can even suggest courses!

Subscription Opt-In

You can choose to extend your enrollment period by opting into a monthly subscription offer at the end of the 6 month period.

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