Digital Marketing for Clubs: Boosted Posts or Facebook Ads?

Boosting posts is appealing to club marketing managers and
owners, especially when you get a notification from Facebook that says, “Reach
3,000 for only $5!” That seems like a lot of people, but once you dig a little
deeper, you’ll find out that it’s not what you expect. A boosted post may be
shown to that many people, but how many of them will become a member at your
club? Almost none. So, what can you do instead?

Ultimately, if you’re going to spend money on advertising, you
want to see results. Your goal is to get leads, right? You want their name,
phone number and email so that you can reach out and convert them from a
prospect to a paying member. With a boosted post, you can’t get that
information. With a Facebook ad, you can.

Boosted Posts

So, what is a boosted post? It’s a quick and easy way for you to
reach a wider audience from a Facebook post. You can control the audience,
budget and duration. Boosted posts are great to encourage engagement on a post
and direct people to your website. Facebook Ads Manager can be overwhelming and
complicated, which is why many people choose to just boost a post instead. Don’t
confuse impressions with leads. Impressions are how often your ads are shown, and
leads are people who have given you their contact information.

Facebook Ads

What is a Facebook ad? It’s one of the best
ways to generate leads for your club. Facebook ads allow you to target and
optimize your content for leads, which means you receive a potential member’s
name, email and phone number. With precise targeting, you can even reach prospective
members that look like your current ones.

Every line item counts in a club marketing
budget, so you want to spend this money wisely. If you’re boosting posts, you
are simply not maximizing your club’s marketing dollar. A smart way to market your club on Facebook is to invest in a professional, experienced websites and digital marketing service. 

Automation now offers website design and digital marketing. This means
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What is Full Service Billing? 

Full service billing means you have a dedicated team that focuses on preventing overdue payments, collecting on overdue payments and handling member issues with payments. Full service billing helps your business maintain consistent cash flow and streamline your operations while freeing up staff to focus on building the business and creating positive relationships.  

1. Save Time  

Full Service Billing allows you to hand off time-consuming payments tasks and member questions to a dedicated team of experts, giving you more time to focus on your passion and help members achieve their goals.  

2. Increase Revenue  

Get paid on time, every time. From proactively preventing missed payments to recovering lost revenue, you want your Full Service Billing provider to be a revenue partner dedicated to increasing your business’s bottom line.

3. Data Integrity 

Ensure your Full Service Billing can be integrated so there’s never a risk of data leaving your club management software.

4. Maintain Positive Member Relationships

Your Full Service Billing provider should act an extension of your business, managing the uncomfortable billing and payments conversations with members so you and your staff can build and maintain relationships long-term.   

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