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So you’ve made the move to bring your Student Search in-house. Bravo! You’ve just engaged in one of the most meaningful optimizations that our industry has seen in Student Search. Since you’re among the brave, you probably already know that a digital marketing component to your Student Search must be considered (and yes, is another major optimization to Student Search). Read on to learn how different digital tactics can expand your reach.

Leveraging your lists to expand student reach through digital campaigns

Digital marketing is a perfect Student Search complement because there are so many great list-based strategies to incorporate—and with Slate, your list cultivation and conversion tracking have never been easier. Here are a handful of ways you can leverage your lists in a digital Student Search. 

Leverage your lists and expand your reach beyond the mailbox and inbox by using digital tactics like:

All of these lists can be pulled from your Slate instance.

Use lists of locations to generate new student lists

With Mobile Footprints, you can target buildings and locations to grab the attention of residents or frequent visitors while they’re in that location and on their mobile device. This mobile technology extends your reach from the mobile phone to all devices at home. Have a priority school list? Use these strategies to get your Search campaign in front of your most desired students and their parents too! 

Use your best lists to find similar audiences

With look-alike modeling, you can use your most proven lists (think enrollment lists, best applicant lists, and most qualified inquiries) to build a new audience that looks similar to the demographics and characteristics of your best lists. Find those look-alike prospects across social media, Display advertising, RLSA, and more! These highly desirable lists are just a few clicks away via Slate queries.

Retargeting is a list too

While it may not fit into the traditional sense of a list of identified names, Retargeting is a list of people who have a high level of interest and intent. While you may not know exactly what their name is, you do know they’re interested based on the fact that they’ve been to key pages of your site, making them just as valuable (or arguably more valuable) than some traditional lists. Use Retargeting to ensure your students take the next step in their enrollment journey. 

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Your Slate and Student Search lists are valuable, so leverage digital list-based strategies in your next Student Search to make the most of them! 

Have questions about incorporating , , or tactics into your next Slate Student Search? today!

We have one more major Student Search optimization to tell you about. (Hint: It’s about audience segmentation.) Check back here for our next Student Search blog to learn about how Carnegie + Underscore are optimizing Student Search. 

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