Digital marketing in Luxembourg progresses in 2018 but remains anecdotal

The publication of the Ad’Report 2018 by Espace Pub and Nielsen shows that advertising investments in Luxembourg are up by 2.62% to 159.6 million euros. If advertising as a whole is doing well, what about digital marketing in Luxembourg?

Digital advertising: Luxembourg lags behind

Worldwide, 218.93 billion dollars were invested in digital advertising in 2018. The expected figures for 2019 are expected to be around $232 billion.

With 14,299 million euros spent on digital advertising, or 8.96%, Luxembourg is far from reaching the 35% achieved in the USA. While the United States expects an increase of around 19% in 2019, which would mean that digital advertising alone would represent the majority of advertising investments in the country, Luxembourg advertisers still prefer paper media, particularly daily newspapers and periodicals.

What can we hope for tomorrow?

It would be an illusion to believe that Luxembourg will not also be subject to the digital marketing boom. Due to its small size, Luxembourg is resistant to the invasion of digital technology. But how long will it take for Google, Facebook or Amazon to take up some of the national advertising investment?

Is it useless to be visible on the Internet in Luxembourg?

Certainly not. But advertising, even on the web, is still subject to old habits. Here, digital directories and other service portals concentrate the bulk of digital marketing actions without daring to separate from their magazines.

However, we note the creation of services dedicated to online advertising within some web agencies. Some community managers also offer their clients the opportunity to create advertising campaigns on Facebook or Instagram. Finally, agencies specialising in Google Ads or Hubspot partners are making a difference, in particular by facilitating access to inbound marketing for small and medium-sized businesses.

Let us bet that digital advertising will benefit in the coming years from the lack of interest of advertisers in television advertising, which this year, however, lost 11.04% compared to 2017. However, while print advertising revenues are plummeting in our neighbours, here it continues to attract advertisers, accounting for more than 48% of revenues for newspapers and periodicals alone. A specific feature of our country that resists the sirens of digital marketing.

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