Digital Marketing – Influencing the world with impactful marketing

Look around yourself. You will find a smartphone in the hand of most of the individuals. Everybody is constantly using the internet along with social networking platforms. In fact, an average adult spends about 29.9% of their total daily media time on digital platforms. With the growing use of these mediums, this number is bound to increase.

Thus, internet marketing, online marketing or digital marketing has emerged as an effective medium for marketing to market a brand. This medium enables a brand to increase its visibility further contributing to the revenue generation of the brand.

How does Digital marketing help?

Being known as an effective way of marketing which not only can be carried out on the internet but also on platforms such as a mobile application or a video game, digital marketing is a vast field that provides an array of opportunities. It includes search ads, email ads, promotional content which establishes a two-way interaction between the brand and the consumer. Such a form of marketing is known to instil trust in the consumer and build brand awareness.

An advantage of working in this field is that you get to be as creative as you can be. You learn a lot by understanding consumer behaviour, thinking patterns, etc. which can enable a creative person to come up with numerous marketing campaigns for a brand on varied platforms.

Also, if you observe around yourself, many brands are opting for Digital marketing and this flow isn’t going to stop. The scope of digital marketing is bound to increase.


As mentioned earlier, Digital marketing can be performed on various platforms like search engines, websites, social media, e-mail, and mobile applications. Thus, there are many types of digital marketing services available in the market. Some of them are:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Television Advertising
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


Short term impact:

Short term/ Instant impacts can be created with the help of digital marketing strategies like PPC, SMM, etc. These strategies follow a tactical approach to meet the immediate goals or demands of a brand. They generate good quality leads i.e., a potential customer has placed an enquiry or approached that brand. It also generates instant revenue.

Long term impact:

Long term impact must be created to achieve the long-term goals of a brand like brand building, brand awareness, improving the ranking of a brand on Google Search Result, etc. This can be done with the help of SEO, E-mail marketing, SMM, etc.

Postgraduate diploma course offered by MU:

Whether you want to become an entrepreneur or opt for a corporate job, a Digital marketing course can help you achieve both. It will boost your business or will fetch you a satisfactory job in the field. Thus, pursuing Digital marketing will be beneficial for you in every way.

At Marwadi University, we provide a postgraduate diploma course in Digital Marketing which provides a comprehensive knowledge of this field. After completing the course, you can start your business or work as a Brand Manager/Copywriter/Digital Marketing Manager, etc.

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