Digital Marketing – Myths vs Facts

The Earth is Flat.
Hitler created the Autobahn
Jesus was born on 25th December.
The Sun revolves around the Earth.
Julius Caesar was born by caesarian section

You read the myths today, and you wonder how it could have possibly been believable at any point in time. Digital marketing myths are no exception. As you read this blog, you will gain insights into the reality and how you can implement different digital marketing strategies for business growth.

Digital marketing, simply put, is everything you do online to get the attention of your audience and then some. Grow your brand by zeroing in on your target audience with the sales accelerator for businesses. Digital marketing helps data-driven growth hacking with lead generation, inbound marketing, web development, and marketing automation solutions. Content & social media marketing, SEO & paid marketing, PR & ORM are critical in this journey. This is the platform where ideas come to life to help you take your business to the next level.

Conversion-centric smart marketing is critical for boosting your bottom line. However, a recent poll showed that many businesses stayed away from this strategy or had notions that rendered all their strategies useless. Keeping these points in mind, we have written this blog to help you differentiate between myths and facts so that you can get on the right path to promote your business.

Myth Versus Fact 1

Digital marketing is critical for all businesses, irrespective of shape, size and industry. The term ‘Digital Marketing’ was first invented and used in 1990, and many businesses embraced it. However, there was a preconceived notion that only brands with heavy marketing budgets and businesses that had high market share should participate in digital marketing. It is all a myth.

The reality is that digital marketing levels the playing field, and anyone with any product or service to promote can jump on the bandwagon without worrying about anyone else. It gives small businesses the opportunity to storm the barricades of prominent brands. Leveraging the advancing technology is critical to living up to the customers’ demanding personalized services.

Myth Versus Reality 2

Back in the day, there was a theory that if a business had a website online, the job was done. Customers looking for the service could just ‘Google’ what they wanted, and the website link would appear just like that.

The reality is that a website is a shop that one visits. But informing your customers – existing and prospective – about the shop and what you can do in it is critical. The strategy before, after and during is important to bring meaning to the website.

Myth Versus Reality 3

The problem lies in the thought that if it is so simple, it can’t work right. Yes, email marketing is the sum total of all correspondence made to the target audience as well as existing customers via electronic mail. But neither is it just an email nor can it be written off as just another mundane task to check.

Reality shows how the recipients appreciate customized content, mainly because it relates to them, and they can make informed decisions in just one click. Email marketing not only reaches the right person at the right time on the right platform, but the ROI is also high as the click rates are reasonable, and the conversion rate is indeed rewarding.

Myth Versus Reality 4

This is quite a hilarious problem. There are so many posts that have a zillion hashtags that it can be pretty off-putting. The logic behind such a practice (if there ever was any) is that the more the hashtags, the better the traffic it brings.

Reality is quite the opposite. For example, if a soap making brand adds #moisturizer to their post, it would make sense. But if they add hashtags about the shape and design (like #candy or #rose) without any correlation to the soap itself, you will have the wrong kind of visitors to your post. The kind that brings no conversion with it.

Myth Versus Reality 5

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. One of the most important aspects of digital marketing. This highlights the keywords that sales qualified leads would search for on the search engines to reach you. You also have to remember that thanks to the pandemic, consumer behaviour has been changing continuously. And so has your brand and the products/services you deliver.

Reality shows that SEO research must be done at regular intervals keeping in mind not just the target audience and changing priorities but also your constantly evolving goals. Remember, the more agility you bring to the table, the more rewarding it would be.

Introducing Vajra Global
While Digital Marketing has become the buzzword and must-have strategy, doing it in a hurry by believing in baseless myths can only bring you more harm than good. Understanding your brand and your target audience allows you to expand your path in the right direction. This is where an expert like Vajra Global comes in.

We take a three-fold approach to help our clients embark upon the journey of digital marketing. We begin with a thorough understanding of your business and marketing objectives. As a second step, we sieve through your consumers’ behavioural data and draw insights to set targets. Finally, we restructure the existing marketing channels to enable comprehensive internet marketing services.

We create a customized digital marketing strategy to suit your brand and consumer behaviour and help bring brand awareness as well as increased conversion rates. Connect with us to know more about how we can enhance your digital presence.

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