Digital Marketing Predictions to Keep Eye On in 2016

Digital marketing isn’t characterized by hard and fast rules. Hence, one needs to keep volatility of this industry into consideration in order to be successful in it. Although a lot of things in digital marketing change on weekly basis, some things stay for a longer while. Focusing those prospects can pave way to digital marketing success.

The predictions about some of those aspects would be worth mentioning here.

    1. Video advertising is going to be on the rise. Marketing on YouTube is already a common practice. Facebook is also joining the race as it has invested substantially to make video marketing a viable option on its platform. Moreover, Google also seems to be interested in promoting videos in its SERPs. Hence, it’s a prospect which cannot be overlooked.
    2. With the launch of Meerkat, digital marketers are seriously thinking about using live stream on social platforms to give their business extra exposure. Twitter is also working on launching its live stream, known as Periscope, to get into competition with Meerkat. Social live stream got highly positive response from online community. Now it’s just the matter of time when this feature will finally be launched.
    3. Digital marketing domain is now being shifted from desktop to mobile. The major reason is that people now seem more engaged with their mobile internet browser rather than desktop’s one. In fact, the number of mobile internet users has convincingly outdone the number of desktop internet users. And the safe prediction for indefinite future is that mobile users are going to grow by leaving desktop internet users behind with an ever-increasing margin. Although the number of desktop internet users is still substantial but this platform isn’t primary anymore.
  1. Another challenge in not-so-distant future for digital marketers is to cope with the requirement of targeting Virtual Reality as a marketing domain. Virtual reality is the complete digital experience that mobile and computer users can have. This aspect is going to require the digital marketers to be multidirectional in their presentation approach. VR is more likely to encourage the rise of 3D in a more specific way.
  2. Although digital marketing is all about spreading the message in a wider domain, marketing in broadcasting manner seems to be somehow ineffective when it comes to advanced marketing. The marketers now seem to emphasize relationship marketing, even for the digital world. This marketing strategy mainly involves the techniques which can further customer’s trust and loyalty with the help of consistent interaction in a friendly manner. Although this strategy is going to require a company spending more time and money in the marketing, ignoring it would implicate serious losses on business due to lack of marketing.
  3. Along with the relationship marketing, one cannot ignore the importance of automation in marketing. Automation in marketing is the general and basic concept of marketing which tends to give an overview of your business.

A lot has been changed in digital marketing and yet things are not going to be the same in the future. So, change seems to be a persistent characteristic of Digital Marketing. Focusing on above prospects would surely help you market your business in 2016.

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