Digital Marketing Resource Roundup

We just wrapped up an “ask us anything” style roundtable on digital marketing. We had clients, marketers, and business professionals join us live to ask us questions ranging from SEO to email marketing. Learn about:

  • The Facebook algorithm and how to stay on your audiences’ timelines (4:11)
  • The most important Google ranking factors (9:12)
  • Best strategies to gain more reviews (13:30)
  • The best page to send users to from Google ads (16:25)
  • What your email open rates should be (21:10)
  • What digital marketing channel will help you get the most of your money (22:10)
  • Where’s the best place to start if you have limited budget and time (26:10)
  • Should you always engage with negative reviews (29:01)
  • Most common mistakes people make with social media (31:28)
  • How to regularly evaluate your marketing progress and how often to make changes (36:10)
  • How to generate new blog ideas and differ from competition (38:20)

If you missed the session, you can watch it on our

Since we couldn’t talk all day on all things marketing, we rounded up our favorite resources for each of our main topics and most asked questions to provide more context and background.


(2 min read) This blog provides a brief overview of what SEO is and basics to best practices.

(8 min read)This post takes a deep dive into seven key factors that play into a winning SEO strategy. The Olympics might be over but this blog post is pure gold.

(2 min read) Despite the title, this is a quick, intuitive, and easy look at the top ranking factors.

(4 min read) This blog explains a few of the most common misconceptions about SEO.

(10 min read) This post covers everything you need to know about what keyword research is, why it is important, and how to research the best terms.

Online Ads (SEM)

(7 min read) This blog post takes you on a trip through the world of Google Ads, covering what they are, how they work, and how they can benefit your business.

(10 min read)One of the most comprehensive guides on all your online ad options and how to determine what will be best for your business based on your goals.

(6 min read) This blog post takes you through a self-audit you can do to determine what is and isn’t working on your Google ads.

(5 min read) Great article on benchmarks for things like average cost-per-click, click through rate, and other important metrics when gauging your online ad performance.

(5 min read) This post gives a brief overview of what a landing page is, and shows 16 great examples.

Social Media

(12 min read) This all-encompassing post outlines what Facebook looks for when deciding what content to show in a newsfeed and realistic advice to implement into your social strategy.

(8 min read) This article is a running list of all the updates Facebook has made in the last month in an easy to understand and visual way.

(10 min read)One of the most comprehensive guides on all your online ad options (including social) and how to determine what will be best for your business based on your business goals.

(7 min read) Great overview of why you don’t want to post the same message to multiple social media accounts with visual examples and tips for changing your message based on the platform.

Online Reviews & Reputation Management

(6 min read) A comprehensive overview of reputation management and how it can impact website traffic, SEO, and sales.

(3 min read) A brief introduction to reputation management and online reviews.

(5 min read) Detailed account of how to respond to negative reviews on review sites and social media.

(4 min read) The best next steps and course of action when you receive either a fake review or a spammy illegitimate review.

(6 min read) A unique and important look at how negative reviews can positively impact your business’s overall reputation.

(2 min read) For those who prefer visuals, this is an infographic showing stats on the impact of reviews for local businesses.


(6 min read) This post covers the importance of blogging for the health of your website, and actionable steps to take to make blogging easier and less painful than flossing.

(9 min read) A unique look at how to capitalize on search trends when crafting writing topics and blog posts.

(10 min read) An extensive post that covers several easy content generation ideas with detailed how-to instruction.

(5 min read) Learn about the AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action) funnel and how it can help you get more out of your content marketing.

Email Marketing

(4 min read) An overview of ten easy steps to take to get start your first email marketing campaign.

(15 min read) A very detailed and in-depth look at just about every aspect of email marketing including building email lists, formatting content, optimizing emails and more.

(3 min read) High-level overview of five simple tips to help increase your open rate.

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