Digital Marketing ROI: The Tactics you Need to Use

Digital marketing is the way of doing advertisement by digital channels. These channels can be of many types. For example- email, social media, websites, mobile applications, web applications and many other channels.

Considering your business, you can include all of your business in the digital market. In digital marketing, you can start with a very minimum or no budget. Each business is different in their approach, but they have one common goal, the Return On investment (ROI). 

Best Techniques for Getting Good Digital Marketing ROI

It has been seen in the studies that there are two types of techniques which are very effective in the field of digital marketing. These techniques are 1. Practiced technique, and 2. Customized technique.

Practiced techniques are the ones which can be developed with the continuous applying of new techniques and developing it by seeing the outcome. Customized techniques are the techniques which are developed by the business owners according to their requirements. 

The top digital marketing strategies are:  

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)- It gained 28.4% vote for the techniques which are required for getting more ROI. 

2. Social media marketing- It obtained 22.5% votes. This helps you to engage directly with your customers in the social media platform. 

3. Link building and earning- It earned 14.7% of the votes. 

4. Content marketing- It gained 14.5% votes. Blogs on business helps to attract more customers and helps to gain their trust. This makes the communication between you and your customers easily.

5. Email marketing- it acquired 11.8% of the votes. Reaching out to the clients are important. Sending them personalized emails are very effective. 

6. Influencer marketing- It earned 4.9% of the votes. It requires the business owners to find the correct influencer.

Let’s find out about them elaborately: 

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As seen through the survey, the participants sees the SEO trends as the things which will help the growth of their organic traffic. It is one of the top techniques; if not number 1; to bring more inbound traffic to your business. 

As SEO is preferred by 28.4% of the participants, it seems that it is capable of achieving long-term SEO oriented marketing rather than a short-term marketing. In the SEO, two strategies showed good results.

First one is by ranking. However it is needed to keep in mind that businesses and brands do not get a higher rank or highest keyword. To get a good ranking, you can follow the given steps:

1. Use the keywords in a balanced way with respect to the number of pages your article contains.

2. Use some long keywords for some of your contents. 

3. Form an internal linking techniques with the help of pillar pages.

The second technique is to make your business improve the SEO by using videos. The people are more attracted by videos rather than texts. Videos provide more information than any other objects. The videos show the story of the brand by including audios and texts.This is a multi-channel source, which can be used for making the audience attracted towards your company and may even participate in helping to build a product. This will serve as a long-term benefits of the SEO.

2. Social Media Marketing

You use your social media platforms to leave small hints regarding your products and your services. But this is not good enough for a marketing strategy. 

By performing surveys and according to the social media marketing expert, it is important to communicate and build trust between you and your customers. For this you need to start conversations with them. As you are a part of this community, you need to respond to both the positive and negative comments and most of all try to be engaging.

This process will take time, hence you can’t get impatient. But, it will give good results and it is applicable on all social media platforms.  By using mobile apps, the communicating has become even easier for marketers.

With the help of mobile apps they can now go live from any place to interact with their customers. They can give tours of their manufacturing facility by uploading videos. This would have been impossible if mobile apps were not available.

3. Link Building

This could be a little difficult, since the criteria for the SEO is changing frequently. Today, the need for creating high-quality links is much greater than before. There is no doubt that if you are able to obtain a high-quality link for your website, you will be able to get a good ranking and also good amount of traffic. 

Link building has many stages. The first step is to create a great content which will make the people interested and will eventually want to link with you. Then you have to pursue for good opportunities, so that you can get profiled by some trusted resources.

4. Content Creation

No matter what ever strategy you take, if your content is not good, then your rank and traffic will decline. Content is the most critical part of your digital marketing. In the survey it was seen that every good technique requires a good content, without one, it cannot function well.

Content also helps to build trust, gains attention of the customers,and also helps to grow awareness. Beside this, it mainly helps to improve your seo.

5. Email marketing

 Even today many of the companies use email marketing strategy for marketing. It is an effective way of digital marketing if it is done correctly.There are some basic rules which you need to follow to make it effective. The rules are:

1. Catchy subject line

2. Keep the option for unsubscribing.

3. Personalize the email.

4. Use a text version along with your HTML version.

You can improve the visibility of your content and can also increase the traffic flow.

6. Influencer Marketing

It is the process of marketing your product by the positive review from any trusted source. It has the most potential in the world of digital marketing. Nothing will be able to make your product and services sell better than a recommendation from a genuine source.

However, the most difficult part of this is to find a good and the correct influencer who has a good understanding of your market which you are targeting. 


So, digital marketing is an important part of your business. By using the right tactics and you will achieve the best marketing ROI. 

Hence, follow the tactics discussed in the article and you will see a considerable growth in your business.   

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