Digital Marketing Scope in India

Digital Marketing Scope in India

Digital Marketing Scope in India

As India is going digital day by the day, every business needs that type of promotion. Everyone knows about digital marketing also knows every company needs to promote their products digitally to reach the customers, because it is not possible through traditional marketing. But the people still confused about the scope of digital marketing? what is the expected salary they earn during its initial period? Is their any future in digital marketing? What are the different types of jobs available in digital marketing? and many more questions they have but they don’t have the exact answer of these question. So, don’t worry you are coming to the right place to know the answers. Let’s start to know the scope of digital marketing in India.  


The scope of digital marketing increase day by day, so the demand of digital marketing professional is also increased rapidly. In the recent times the career opportunities also increased. According to statistics   there are more than 8 lakhs jobs available in 2017. And the jobs of digital marketing increased with the scope of 20% every year.

Supporting the digitalization P.M Modi is also come up with the idea of digital India. During this campaign more digital marketing jobs creates for the youth. Hence it is a great opportunity for the youth who all are looking for an interesting career.

Digital marketing is much more than just open an outlet. Many digital marketing companies come to serve the people for their products and brand management. And at the same time many centers provide trainings – online or offline to train the people in this domain. SEO, PPC, Video making, Graphics etc. are the different fields in digital marketing.


In India, the initial salary of digital marketer is around Rs. 1,50,000 to 2,50,000 per annum and the professional salary goes up to minimum of 4,50,000 per annum. As the person gains experience in the field the salary hike can range between 30% to 65% depending upon the skill of the candidate. Experienced professionals who upgrade their skills by certificates or degree they get the add- on hike of 10-20%.


Career in digital marketing is very shiny and emerging. You can be your own boss by just improvise your self with skills. There are different profiles of jobs that you may be hired, it was just a game of skills. Below the list of different profiles of job.

Social Media Executive:

The best job in Digital Marketing is Social Media Executive, you have to manage all social media handles, team members as well as you also have to satisfy the customers.

Account Manager:

Not commerce account or billings, it a social media accounts, develops and maintain long term relationship with clients so that they can not switch to others. Generate sales for them.

Connect Writer:

Writing the content for the clients to promote their products. The content should be like they connect to the customers and help them to know about the product.

SEO Analyst:

The main responsibility of SEO Analyst is to make sure that the content should be reached to the current or right audience. Improve the ranking on search engine platforms of the website is also an important task of SEO Analyst.

Brand Manager:

To maintain the brand value of the company of its content, across all platforms. The key role of Brand Manager is to make plan and strategies to increase the sales of the product.


As we seen the concept of work from home jobs due to COVID -19 pandemics. The companies also get to know the benefits of digital marketing of the products. So, when the economy restores to normal there was a great demand for digital marketer.

As per the report the user spends more than half of the time on social media, so it is very easy for the companies to target the customers through digital marketing. Demand for freelancers are also improved due to this situation.

I hope after reading the article you have cleared your doubts about the scope and opportunities in the field of digital marketing. in digital marketing it is only a game of skills. The more you skilled the more you have opportunities to earn.

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