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This year’s theme: Digital Mindfulness
This year’s theme “Digital Mindfulness” will be accompanying participants throughout the 3 days at DMSS, coming to life in some workshops, networking sessions or in the way how we set up the conference: environmental-friendly and with a focus on meaningful connections.
We are covering all aspects from ethical business practices, to conscious consumption, to mindful design of marketing channels and living a more conscious & joyful (business) life. Stay tuned via our Newsletter to find out more!

Here’s the trailer video:

When we started DMSS in 2017 there was only one goal: to create a community of like-minded marketers who are willing to share their knowledge with each other. Inspired by the energy of Bali and its communal vibes, we wanted to create an event that encourages skill share. Because we believe that by sharing our best knowledge with others, we all grow, become better, and drive positive change.
DMSS grew from a small community event in Bali in 2017, to a kick-ass conference in 2018 with 300 participants. Now in 2019, we are aiming even bigger, and adding new themes to the conference. From here we are intending to run events around the globe, spreading this innovative new concept of Skill Share, Digital Marketing and Mindfulness.

What you will learn:
DMSS is about sharing digital marketing knowledge. From real marketers to real marketers. Heart to heart and made with love and integrity. Our experts work in the field every day and they share their best secrets and tactics. Our common goal is for you to succeed in your business and marketing efforts.

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