Digital Marketing Strategies for Clinics

Do you wonder how some easy and non-technical steps can help you set up your Clinic/Healthcare practice online and bring you more leads to your OPD? Here are some Digital Marketing Strategies for Clinics

Google has helped almost all sectors of trade and businesses in promoting their services and earning more returns.
Promoting your Clinical/Non-Clinical practice has become much easier for you, you do not need a Third Party IT service provider or a Freelancer doing it for you, now you can take charge for yourself and do it with some time to spare with little research online, here’s how.

Do it yourself: Simple Digital Marketing Strategies for Clinics

1. Google Business/Google Business Formerly known as GMB

Register your Business on Google Maps so that your business is found online. This is the First step to give your business leverage so that interested patients and queries can reach out to your Clinic, Center front desk receptionist for appointments or general queries. This is one of the most important digital marketing strategies for any online business

2. List you’re Business:

Register Business on Local Search Engines Business Listing Portals such as Just Dial,, and for a free listing. This will help you promote your services online and put your business on google search results.

3. Social Media :

Social Media has an immense reach you can reach out to millions of users with relevant and informative content like posts and videos. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter should be made a priority.

4. YouTube:

Youtube has the biggest potential when it comes to Branding and promoting your business, it is also rightly considered as itself a search engine as a whole, as users search queries. YouTube can help you with paid advertisements you can very easily and quickly promote your healthcare online with good customer engagement videos on various healthcare topics.

Author – LavKush Pandey

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