Digital Marketing Strategy For Builders And Developers

In the digital world, digital marketing has evolved as a key marketing strategy for most of the business. But, digital marketing is an underutilized strategy in the real estate business and real estate developers still opt for traditional marketing. The one and only focus each and every real estate developer has is to sell the property. We are a leading digital marketing company in Trivandrum, holding proven expertise in building a digital marketing strategy for real estate business. We owe, digital marketing really works well for real estate business and we have proven examples of real estate developers whose one-third of sales come from online marketing.  There are different Digital Marketing Strategy for builders and developers that we can use very effectively.

Why Digital Marketing For Real Estate Business?

It’s a known fact that human beings are extremely dependent on the web for all kinds of the buying process. According to research, it has been revealed that the majority of buyers go online in search of a home or land. Without building your presence on the web, your business will be unknown to the online buyers and you are likely to lose sight of your business from your targeted buyers. In that case, your competitors who have built their presence in the web stand out and they are likely to get conversions. 
Most of the real estate developers do not know how to start a digital journey and they think online marketing is expensive. The real fact is that compared to traditional marketing which involves the TV, radio broadcasts, printed advertisements etc, online marketing seems to be cost-effective as it is a one-time investment. Marketing digitally, we can effectively figure out which strategy works and eliminate the strategy that doesn’t pay heed.
Let’s explore how to dive into a digital marketing platform for a real estate business.
Branding is the best digital marketing strategy for builders and developers. The website represents your brand, hence the initial step is to build a comprehensive website which plays a key role in turning the psyches of buyers to settle on a purchasing choice

Digital Marketing Strategy for builders and developers.
  • Pick a domain name the same as your business with a straightforward spelling which encourages client access easily. 
  • Pick a suitable web development platform and web hosting provider considering the website’s purpose
  • Pick a template and logo which relates your business.

Website Optimization
When a buyer types a word related to your business in the search engine, it is important to show up your website in the search results. It is vital to optimize your website SEO friendly to improve the chances of your website showing on the top page. Let’s explore a few SEO tactics to be implemented for your website.

  • Identify the relevant keyword you have to centre around to generate targeted and relevant traffic.
  • Finalizing the keywords, you need to tune the meta tags of the site which incorporates meta title, meta description, alt labels. 
  • Take care that you don’t stuff the keywords. Shape a significant content, utilizing proper keywords which obviously renders your business to the buyers. 
  • It is important to link your web pages to help users navigate to different pages of your site 
  • Quality content which flawlessly renders about your business expands the web traffic, ranking and authority. 
  • Backlinks are a great way to boost ranking, however, Google has propelled strict punishments against spammy backlinks, so ensure that you make bona fide backlinks to support your positioning. 
  • Add your business to Google listing with business name, organization profile, contact details etc to make your business visible online.

Devise Strategy For Target Audience

Right before jumping to devise lead generation strategy, it is important to know your market and target audience. Develop a marketing blueprint as mentioned below serves as a foundation for your real estate digital marketing strategy.

  • Build up a purchaser profile 
  • Conduct surveys to know current market trends
  • Devise an attractive marketing strategy to pull buyers
  • Carry out a location-based advertising 

Active Presence On Social Media 

Undoubtedly, Social media is an engaging platform to stay in contact with your potential targeted clients. Create engaging posts and make sure that you post at the right time so that you can gain utmost engagement. Always stay in touch with the customers as this builds the trust among the clients publicly and your business stays in the top minds of the people.

Get Benefited Through Paid Advertising

PPC is a viable form of advertising that focuses solely on targeted customers. A key to the fruitful campaign is keywords and landing page. Choosing the right keywords and landing page with a proper call to action opens the door to success. While SEO is a moderate procedure, through PPC you can see speedy outcomes.

Email Campaigns Still Works

Despite the fact that email marketing is not a trend, still it is considered as an effective digital marketing strategy as the customers check their mailbox at least once in a day and this aids your business to remain active in the minds of your targeted customers and there are chances of approaching you when they are in need.

Reap The Benefits Of Retargeting 

Retargeting is extremely effective for real estate business as buying a home or land is not an immediate process and it takes time to make a buying decision. Through retargeting, you can persist homebuyers a consistent reminder of why they visited your website in the first place when they surf the web and scrutinize their minds to take a buying decision.

Video Promotion

We hold expertise in using video promotion for real estate sales and has reaped successful outcomes. Let’s look into the few video promotion techniques

  • Post videos on property interiors and exteriors
  • Post influencer’s reviews on your property
  • Upcoming projects
  • Useful tips for home buyers

Influencer Marketing

A social share or a video review or a testimonial from a real estate professional or a popular web or video bloggers have a great impact in driving sales in the real estate. The simple psychology is that buyers believe that, influencers do not share content without a proper cause and go for it easily.

Model A Mobile-friendly Website

60% of the home buyers use mobile to search for their dream home or land. Even, Google’s index has got a high priority to the mobile version and this has raised the need to model a mobile-friendly and responsive website.

Strengthen Inbound Leads

A successful digital marketing strategy ought to have the capacity to cultivate leads through every one of the channels. Inbound lead support includes a top to the bottom research of the focused audience and content building that tends to all the client inquiries. The picturized tactics ought to successfully convert the visitors into buyers.

Finally, if you are a real estate business owner still dependent on traditional marketing, needless to say, you are losing a big return on investment. Why not try to switch into digital marketing and reap greater ROI benefits? We Techbound, a leading digital marketing agency in Trivandrum is ready to offer you help to dive into digital marketing. We follow a strategic digital marketing approach that suits your requirements. We have proven examples of successful real estate projects which are now reaping a maximum ROI. 
Feel free to contact us, if you require professional guidance for your real estate property marketing.

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