Digital Marketing Strategy For Hotel Industry

Hotel industries are classified as one of the biggest businesses, with higher budgets and marketing plans to survive in competition but to increase client bases and maintaining brand status as well. So, strategy development plays an important role in the marketing of hotels’ brand and status. As it needs a complete 360 dimension digital marketing strategy planning, a flow for strategy creation is as follows.

Situation and Competition Analysis

Situation analysis refers to a group of strategies that strategy developers use to analyze an organization’s internal and external surroundings to know the organization’s capabilities, customers, and business surroundings. Whereas a competitive analysis is the analysis of your competitors and the way your business compares. By evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your competition, you’ll be able to begin to formulate the way to provide your company an advantage.

The important factors in strategy creation and then further in campaigns according to the situation and competition analysis are as follows.

  • Number of rooms in the hotel,
  • Rooms description,
  • Food hygiene,
  • Current customers’ reviews,
  • Booking status

And factors which affect web presence and competition such as,

  • Social Media Accounts,
  • Website presence and structure,
  • Marketing contents,
  • Budget,

These are the beginning steps that play an important role in strategy development for the hotel industry. Join our to update your skills.

Objective Setup

An effective digital marketing strategy should have clear objectives for achievement. Though a company’s marketing set up is often subject to change according to shifting market conditions, the first objectives are constant. Objectives should be specific, measurable, achievable, and not too aggressive and have closing dates.

The objectives for campaign creation depend upon and vary with the requirement of the business.
If the hotels are good enough to convert their leads for a business, the objective will be Lead Generation.
If the hotel needs more customer bookings and revenue generation, then the objective should be Sales and Conversion.
If the hotel is newly founded start-up and needs to make awareness about its services, then the objective will be for Branding. Social media training & courses can help in it.
The selection of objectives is the most important part, as it’s a base for a further strategy for campaigning.

Strategy and Implementation

1. Branding – If the business requirement is only about spreading awareness about their services and increasing reach, then content marketing and branding should be chosen as a campaign objective.

Brand awareness shows the degree of familiarity consumers have with our organization and information. Brand awareness is so valuable because consumers are much more likely to involve and purchase from brands they recognize and trust. When people are aware of your brand, it also secures your position in your industry.

Understand your audience in the current situation and for future scope,

  • Create a content strategy for audience awareness,
  • Use blogs as a tool for brand awareness,
  • Participate in the community to increase the reach,
  • Send email newsletters,
  • Use social media to promote the content,
  • Analyze your results consistently.

Digital marketing content in different forms and on different platforms increases the customers’ reach and widely spread awareness about our services and specialties organically.

2. Lead generation and Conversion – The first step in this evolution is to create compelling content, and the second is to use that content to convert visitors into leads. A strategy developer can use both social media and search engine platforms for running the campaign. The important factors to be considered during the paid campaign creation are …

  • Campaign platforms such as social media or search engine,
  • Ad format, image, carousel image, video. etc
  • Campaign budget and bidding strategy,
  • Campaign schedule.

A search engine platform plays a crucial role in lead generation and sales operations. Once folks search for a keyword you have chosen, your ad will seem. provides you with a choice to have your ads seen on search sites apart from Google as well. These sites will deliver extra high-quality traffic to your business to assist you to generate leads.
While on the social media platforms, you are able to choose your audience by their location, age, interests, and demographics. With the use of different bidding strategies such as CPL (Cost per Lead) and CPC (Cost per Conversion), social media can help us to grow our business as per our budget and according to our requirement.

Proper implementation of the strategy will help not only in revenue generation but in maintaining the brand status and keeping you apart from the crowd as well.

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