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Apphive is a mobile no-code builder that lets you build, publish, and manage apps on the App Store and Google Play. Learn more at: your own mobile app is harder than DIYing your Cruella de Vil Halloween costume with a glue gun and a garbage bag. (“It’s giving dumpster fire—literally.”)Even if you’re an experienced developer, you still need to figure out how to add complex functions that impress and engage your target audience.Imagine if there was a tool that let you create apps packed with powerful features like API integrations, GPS, maps, and push notifications⁠—all without coding?Make way for Apphive.

Next CRMis a total campaign solution for Email Marketing. It is designed to reach out to subscribers at the best time and provide relevant offers.Check out now: Use Next CRM?🔘 Manage Lists🔘 Manage Tags🔘 Custom Field🔘 Manage Contact🔘Automatic Funnels🔘 Manage Forms🔘 Manage Campaign🔘 Others SettingsStart Sending Emails with Next CRM!Our Blog: #WordPress #NextCampaign #campaign #websites #themedev

The 10k Creator is sponsored by three amazing companies.If you need to publish a book, go to Go get your email on at Video and audio your way to success with this episode of The 10k Creator, we’ve caught up to the current phase of Daren’s content business, Craftsman Creative. We get a unique look into the “state of the union”, where he’s at with his audience growth and his monthly revenue. Joe talks about the importance of finding predictable sources for traffic that lead to audience growth, and lists a number of ways to diversify your income as a content entrepreneur. Your job as a creator, surprisingly, is only ~25% about making content. The rest is about being a business owner, and taking responsibility for your growth and your revenue. At the end of the episode, Joe announces a surprise for the next few episodes, and leaves Daren with a challenge to report back on in a future episode.Get more of Daren Smith at more of Joe Pulizzi at or his personal newsletter at direct access to all the 10k Creator Podcast shows at #creatoreconomy #contententrepreneur #contentmarketing #CreatorExpo #ContentInc #contentcreation #SMBmarketing #entrepreneurship

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