Digital Marketing Tactics For Dental Patient Acquisition


In the last few months, more and more patients are looking to begin or restart their dental care. Making a good first impression is important to get prospective patients interested in learning more about your practice and the services that you offer. Knowing how to get more patients in a dental office involves taking a multi-stepped approach to reach potential patients who are doing their research in a number of ways.

Proven Strategies To Get Patients Into Your Practice

  • SOCIAL MEDIA – A regular presence on Social Media allows patients to interact with your practice on a more personal level. They can gain insight into the culture at your office through the tone of your posts. Behind the scene posts and highlights featuring your staff can help to reduce the anxiety that many patients face when visiting a dental office. Targeted ads and remarketing campaigns can continually reach out to those who have visited your sites but may not have made an appointment.

  • CONTESTS AND GIVEAWAYS – Going back to the strength of word-of-mouth marketing, contents and giveaways are a unique strategy to encourage your current patients to spread the word about your practice. Effective methods can include a monthly referral contest – creating a card for patients to sign and give to their friends and colleagues to turn in when they arrive for their appointment. Service or product giveaways on social media also broaden your reach to prospective patients, and by providing outstanding care, you can convert them to repeat patients.

  • PAID MARKETING CAMPAIGNS – Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing and social media ads allow you to stretch your marketing dollars while targeting specific groups of potential patients. PPC ads give your site prominence among Google search results while advertising on social media allows you to create highly varied campaigns. For example, Facebook’s detailed analytics make it easy to create ads that target specific patient groups, allowing you to filter by Gender, Age, Location, Interests, Education Level, Job, Income, Languages, and much more. This type of marketing allows you to tailor your ads and increase engagement through targeted patient groups, rather than creating broad ads that may get overlooked.

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