Digital Marketing Tips For Small Business Owners

Small business owners have a large task ahead, as much of the ins and outs of operations become your responsibility the second your launch is completed.  You have to be a “go-getter” to find success in any industry, and marketing is part of the “getting.”

Digital marketing, more specifically, is vital to the health of your small business operation.  If you’re not sure how to get your digital marketing campaign off the ground, take some time now to learn a few things.  Here are some great digital marketing tips for small business owners.

Optimize your website for mobile

Your business website should be optimized for mobile visitors in every way possible.  The web is no longer a computer user’s playing field; it’s the mobile user’s territory.  Every piece of digital content your business disburses should be optimized for mobile viewing and interaction.  

Research different ways to enrich your mobile optimization.  Become familiar with terms like media queries and mobile responsiveness.   

Use the tools Google gives you

Google has a very specific algorithm which decides what shows up when people search for something on the web.  Your knowledge of that algorithm will make a huge impact on the effectiveness of your digital content.

In addition to their complex algorithm, Google offers several extremely useful tools for web builders.  Google Analytics and Google Ads Keyword Match are excellent examples of strong Google tools you’ll need for digital success in small business.  

Set time aside for social media marketing

Social media should be one of your closest confidants in small business.  The outlet offered by social media for marketing is unmatched by any other collection of platforms on the web today.  

The cost of placing ads on Facebook and other social media platforms are well worth the digital exposure the site will bring to your business.  Also, never forget your social media sharing icons. Every piece of digital content you create should be capable of linking to social media.

Use LinkedIn to help build backlinks

Your LinkedIn Profile is a resource for so many different things and marketing your small business is one of them.  Customizing your website links while you’re making your profile will add a few valuable backlinks for your website.  

Building an intricate weave of backlinks will help to build your website’s authority online.  Your “authority” matters in terms of your site’s placement in the SERPs (search engine results pages).  

Create an auto-response to thank subscribers

Your business website and subsequent business blog should both be active advocates for collecting emails.  There should be a space where passing visitors can sign up for email updates from your business. When visitors do sign up for your newsletter, your business will benefit from an automated thank you response.