Digital Marketing Tools To Look For In The Year 2018


Digital Marketing has emerged as a huge thing for people looking forward to people looking for some advanced marketing and branding for their products and services. Moving further, the next big thing that happened in the field was to automate this area of marketing and creating awareness about the product. So new and improved tools came in the market and many other social media platforms were introduced. These platforms further made the process of creating awareness about the products and services much more easily, effective, targeted and more beneficial for the brand. It also increases the overall effectiveness of using social media and digital media platforms. Users get a summarized version of the information obtained from the activity performed by you on your digital media marketing tool. Here are some amazing Digital Marketing Tools That You Can Look for in the year 2018.

Digital Marketing with Google Trends

Google Trends is a digital marketing tool that provides information on the latest trends, data represented visually. It provides information in a very speedy way and is one of the easy to use tools. All you need to do is go to the website, the keyword type or the industry you are looking for and you can get your required results. You can also obtain data on terms and compare the data obtained from it. Your results can further be optimized according to the region and other related dynamics including countries, time, categories and others including Youtube search. Google Trends is one amazing tool to use for digital marketing.

Google Keyword Planner

When it comes to the effectiveness of Google Keyword Planner, there is a mixed opinion about this. There are people who consider its findings to be accurate and there are people who don’t think that it is accurate enough. They regard information obtained from it to be misleading. As far as the tool is concerned, it is a tool that can provide data by selecting one or more keywords. It requires you to select the country and the language you want. You can get information about the estimate times your selected keyword is searched by people. Also, you can get findings on the level of competition as well. You can see if it is “High”, Medium, or it is “Low”. Also, the tool provides information on the suggested bid for the keyword. All in all, the tool is one amazing tool if you want to begin with Digital Marketing and will provide some idea on search volumes.


It is considered to be one of the best tools for SEO and SEM available so far. The tool provides users with the information about the competitors using the Ahref Site Explorer. Also, it provides users with information on where the competitors get traffic from and their rank as far as a specific keyword is considered in the Google Search. Also, information on the number of backlinks can be obtained. Ahref also provides information who links to the website of your competitor and other information can be obtained. You can set “Alerts” to get prompted every time the website gets a ranking for a certain keyword or gets mentioned somewhere on a website. Also, there is a feature called the “Content Explorer”. It provides users with the information on the most shared content on the web. Also, there is the Ahref Keywords Explorer that has a huge database of keywords for research. You can research keywords in around 170 countries with accurate search volume data along with clicks and search without clicks. The keyword tool provides information on the keyword difficulty for other words and how hard is to rank for the specific words/keywords. Also, there is a history graph which is a very detailed SERP analysis of the data that you need to make a plan and design your marketing strategy. There are many other tools offered by the tool itself, that helps you to make your decision making easier.

App Annie

The App  Annie is ideal for App Developers or Marketing Managers for startups that deals in Apps. It is one of the best tools for tracking information from competitors that are present in almost any app store that exists. One of the coolest features that you can use is called the ASO (App Search Optimization). It works by providing users with the position of your app in terms of ranking on the Google Play Store and Apple Store.


Serpstat is similar to Ahref. It is mainly used to compare and analyze data. The developers have improved the tool as far as the layout is concerned. The tool provides information by tracking keywords used by competitors and also the backlinks used by them. The tool is very easy to use and provides ease of use and many other cool features.


The tool provides users with an estimated traffic of a website, the sources of the traffic, the countries that provide the said traffic. All of this and much more offered to the consumers. Also, there is a SimilarWeb Google Chrome extension for users as well. That makes things easier for users as well.


Buzzsumo provides users with information in the content. It analyzes various topics or competitor data from your end and provides information about the content and the one that is performing better than the others. If you are someone who wants numbers on a particular post that is progressing online, all you need to do is type that it and you will get the required results. There is also information on the individual who has shared the content on Twitter and get in touch with them. Buzzsumo now has the Question Analyser that gets you information on the trending question across social media platforms and Q&A forums and websites.

Facebook Audience Insights

This is one of the most superior tools as of yet. This makes things a lot easier for you as a marketer and one of the coolest features is that it is very easy to use and can make things easier for you. For instance, if you want to get information about COX deals and get a Facebook Ads campaign created. You can do the same and calculate the population you can reach out based on the country, their interests, the devices they use and almost all the information they share online. All of this and much more can be achieved by this digital marketing tool.

These are some amazing tools that you can use and make some amazingly calculated and accurate tools. If you are someone who wants to improve their marketing strategy and maximize their profits then, you can benefit from all or one of these tools.

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