Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad – Digital Marketing Training Course

6.         Advantages of learning Digital Marketing

7.         Customer journey in Traditional Marketing

8.         Customer journey in the Digital Marketing

9.         Types of Media in Digital Marketing

3.         Basics of UX (User Experience) Design

4.         Importance of UX Design in Marketing

5.         Basic UI Elements

6.         Website Planning Process

7.         Buy a Domain Name and Host the Website

8.         Setup WordPress and Install Theme

9.         Install Required Plugins

Module – 3:  Content Marketing

1.         What is content marketing?

2.         Importance of Content in Digital Marketing

3.         Various forms of content

•           What is the brand story ?

•           How to Develop content marketing channel plan

8.         How to Identify the Right Topics to Write

10.        How to Write an Effective Blog Post

12.        Convert Your Post Into Various Formats

14.        Assignment-1: Create your customer persona

15.        Assignment-2: Create your content

2.         Advantages of SEO

•           Step 2: Create Strong Website Architecture

•           Step 3: Fill Each Page with Rich Content

•           Step 4: Perform Keyword Research

•           Step 5: On Page Optimization Factors

•           Step 6: Off Page Optimization Activities

•           Step 7: Monitor Performance

1.         What is Google Analytics?

3.         Create Google Analytics Account and Setup Tracking Code

4.         Create Custom Reports and Dashboards

5.         Real-Time Reports

11.        Integrate Google Analytics with Other Systems

12.        Manage Permissions

13.        Conduct Experiments (A/B Testing)

15.        Practice: Develop the Suggested 10 Reports for Given Website

1.         What is Search Engine Marketing?

2.         Introduction to Google Ads (AdWords)

6.         What is an Ad, Ad Group and Campaign

8.         What is a Keyword, match type, negative keywords

10.        What is an Ad Delivery Method

12.        Generate UTM Tagged Landing Page URL

13.        Ad copy writing

16.        Creation of Display Network only Ads

17.        Creation of Search Network with Display select Ads

23.        How to Optimize an Ad for Better Results

1.         Introduction to Social Media Marketing

2.         Advantages of Social Media Marketing

7.         Content Distribution / Scheduling – Process and Tools

8.         Social Media Monitoring – Process and Tools

9.         Social Media Analytics – Process and Tools

10.        Build Audience & Connections

17.        Practice: Create Social Media Calendar for a Given Brand

18.        Practice: Create a Social Media Post for a Given Brand

19.        Practice: Setup Social Media Channels for Your Website

Module – 8:  Mobile Marketing

10.        Video for Mobile

11.        Consumer Feedback & Surveys

12.        Creating your own mobile app

Module – 9:  Influencer Marketing

2.         Who is an Influencer?

3.         What is influencer marketing?

4.         Why influencer marketing is effective?

5.         Influencer Marketing Obstacles

6.         How to nail Influencer Marketing?

•           Establish Your Presence as a Thought Leader 

•           Invest In Your Influencer Relationships

•           Hiring an Influencer Management Team

Module – 10:  E-Mail Marketing

•           What is Email Marketing ?

•           What do marketers need to do in 2018 to comply with GDPR changes?

•           What is Transactional Email ?

•           Where Does Email Fit In?

•           Email Marketing Isn’t New

•           Latest Trends in E-mail Marketing

7.         How to reduce your Bounce Rate

8.         Ultimate List of Email SPAM Trigger Words

Module – 11:  Affiliate Marketing

1.         Introduction to Pay On Performance Marketing

•           What is POP Marketing?

•           Types of POP marketing techniques

2.         Affiliate marketing – the original performance marketing technique

•           What is Affiliate Marketing?

•           How to manage an affiliate program

•           Examples of commission

3.         Promotional marketing – voucher sites, daily deals and mobile phone deals

4.         Lead generation for B2B and services

Module – 12: YouTube Marketing

4.         How to Setup a YouTube Channel

5.         How to create videos for YouTube channel

6.         How to upload, optimize and monetize YouTube Videos

7.         YouTube Advertising using Google Adwords

8.         YouTube Marketing Trends

11.        Practice: Create Own YouTube Channel and Upload Videos

Module – 13: Lead Generation for Business

1.         Why Lead Generation is important?

5.         Greatest Barriers to Lead Generation

6.         Most Effective Lead Generation Tactics

7.         The Basics of Lead Generation

8.         Lead Generation Channels in Digital Marketing