Digital marketing trends 2017 – Campfire Digital, integrated marketing team

Plan for the second half of 2017 by considering these digital marketing trends

digital marketing trendsThe year is nearly half over already. Crazy, right? Is your business on track to meet its goals this year? Maybe it’s time for a little marketing strategy refresh to breathe new life into your business year. Use these digital marketing trends as a bit of inspiration:

New types of content

We talk about quality content a lot here at Campfire Digital, but quality content can take many different forms. For example, virtual reality holds promise for marketers who are trying to sell an experience: Does your product lend itself to a virtual test-run?

Think beyond basic blog posts and social media and try user-generated content, data-driven content, live video streaming, interactive campaigns and more.

Digital marketing automation is the key to efficiency and reach. Today’s tools allow you to program a variety of communications with your audience based on how they interact with your online marketing materials. Try automated follow-ups, social messages and emails. You can set up an entire marketing sequence using tools like HubSpot or Marketo.

However, automated content needs to be quality content. Automation helps free up your time and resources so you can focus on generating new, meaningful content that will reach customers. On that note, outsourcing some of your digital marketing to a professional team can help you keep up with the demand for fresh content and strategy.

Digital assistants

Siri, Alexa, Cortana and other digital assistants are changing the way many people search. One statistic reports that more than 40 percent of adults use voice search each day.

This article from Moz illustrates how voice searches differ from traditional text searches. Not only that, but the way users receive search results on mobile devices or home-based digital assistants like Amazon Echo can impact SEO. So, now you not only need to optimize for mobile, but for voice search as well.

Customers are looking for brands, and people, they can trust. They are avoiding fake news and approach new information sources with a certain level of skepticism. In the midst of your overall content strategy, don’t forget to develop a personality. That can mean giving your brand more of its own identity, or it can mean elevating company leaders as brand ambassadors and influencers.

As you develop a genuine relationship with customers, you earn their trust. More on that in future posts.

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