Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

Each year, you may expect new trends in branding and design that you need to be aware of in order to identify which of these emerging trends your business must tap into.

Branding shapes the personality of your brand and allows you to create a unique selling point that makes you stand out from your competitors in the market. A proper branding boosts your customers’ engagement and grabs the attention of your prospects.

One of the major design trends for 2022 is focusing on minimalism in design. As always less is more. This concept consists of using simple text, emphasizing on white spacing, and using colors that are comfortable to the eye. Simplicity helps viewers pay attention to what you essentially want them to focus on and easily understand the content.

The example below from WE AIN’T PLASTIC, shows how they kept things simple while other information is displayed once clicking on the hamburger menu on the top right.

Another trend is quirky design, which consists of using hand-drawn illustrations, bizarre imagery, overlapping elements, asymmetry and chaotic design. A variety of brands in different sectors like finance and health insurance have recently incorporated quirky design in their branding to distinguish their design from the typical and traditional design, being more fun and catchy.

Here’s an example of how Up Banking did it:

Moreover, flat illustrations have been trending in 2021; companies are expected to use it more and more in 2022. Implementing flat illustrations doesn’t require you to spend tons of money, but you may need to hire a good designer to be able to do it for you.

Last but not least is taking into consideration mobile-first marketing. As the number of people using mobile devices increases, the need to optimize content for customers who view pages and shop online via mobile and tablets has become a must for marketers to think of more than anything else.

Since search engines like Google cares about user experience and updates their algorithms accordingly, creating mobile-friendly content is one of the important considerations for Google to help you rank higher in their search results.

This requires creating a design that is responsive on smaller screens or making an app specifically targeted for mobile users.

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