Digital Marketing

The 2017 Digital Trends

Report identifies the strategies sitting atop marketers’ list of priorities for the coming year, but also reveals some unexpected and even contradictory findings, In this article, I’ll take an in-depth look at what I see as the most significant trends in digital marketing for the year ahead. But, it’s not only my view, since I have ‘crowd sourced’ the importance of the different trends rated by the popularity of each trend.

Digital Marketing

These days, there is a heightened emphasis on cultivating relationships by creating engagement through content. Nearly a third (29%) of marketers say content marketing will be one of their top three most important activities in the coming year. Content marketing tactics can include anything from webinars and how-to guides to blog posts and info graphics.

Videos will get more views 

Market analysts predict digital video consumption will replace television in the years to come, and the return on investment sure seems to make it worthwhile and a near possibility. Brands will invest in gaining insights on what truly engages with audiences, backed by predictive tools being implemented by leading portals. These will be able to understand the success metrics of a video even before it’s launched, driving higher levels of strategy and investment in video creation and amplification. Video content is enabling digital agencies to leverage their expertise and expand horizons by becoming content producers, curating personalized stories in the form of web series, live video streaming and micro experience videos.

Social media command centers 

A social media command center is a dedicated space for a company’s social team to monitor and engage in social conversations around the brand and industry. It is responsible for real-time monitoring of trends and allows brands to capitalist on emotions and opportunities. With an integrated approach towards ensuring departments such as customer care, public relations, sales and marketing are on board, the focus of the command center is towards implementing a strong crisis management plan while simultaneously creating conversations around opportunities heard.

It’s All About The Customer Experience

As companies prioritize their digital marketing efforts, there is clearly a focus on creating a seamless, consistent and valuable experience for their audiences and having the teams in place to help achieve this. Understanding device usage and combining online and offline data to better manage customer experiences come lower down executives’ list of priorities, but they’re still vital contributing factors to achieving those top two goals.