Digital Scholar – An Agency Styled Digital Marketing Institute in Chennai

Digital Scholar is a premium digital marketing training institute in Chennai. It is the first institute in India to adapt agency-style learning. Here, I will be discussing the unique modules and the benefits of taking up the digital marketing course at Digital Scholar and how this institute is going to be a gamechanger in the digital training industry.

Hi! I’m Sorav Jain, a digital marketer based out of Chennai. For those of you who don’t know me, I have been doing digital marketing for almost 12 years now. I’ve authored several books on digital marketing, trained more than 100,000 students and spoken on behalf of several prestigious organizations. Apart from building a personal brand, all verified social media handles and 50,000 YouTube subscribers, I’ve taken plenty of initiatives to impart digital knowledge to all parts of the country. For this reason, I’ve provided digital marketing courses in the Hindi language as well.

Deepak and I have been good friends for a long time now. We have met at several digital conferences and award ceremonies and bonded over some digital talks. We were immediately captivated by each other’s work and over the years we have collaborated on various initiatives. One value that both of us are keen on is to initiate activities that can help improve the digital economy as a whole through imbibing digital marketing education, in India.

Also, Deepak and I have shared several stages together, even recently we formed an alliance ‘Digital Masters Alliance’ that is shaping up really well, with our first successful show in Mumbai.

Digital Masters Alliance Event Mumbai
A picture of us at the DMA event in Mumbai.

I strongly believe in building something that is just a notion. One such notion was to start a digital marketing training institute that adapted agency-based training as its core in Chennai. So, I pursued the idea and started Digital Scholar. This program was initiated to bring about a change in the way digital marketing is learned in the entire of India.

Every business, be it small or big, have started migrating from traditional marketing to digital marketing. There is and will be a huge demand for skilled professionals who can perform quality digital marketing activities. Like any other professional who is gaining focused education on a particular stream, digital marketing practical training has also become vital. Agency-based training would be able to bridge the gap between the lack of skilled professionals and the increase in demand for digital marketers.

Via Digital Scholar’s agency-style learning, you will learn:

→ Client Pitching:

The first step towards performing digital marketing is to get a client on board. In this topic, you will be able to learn how to conduct background research before preparing to pitch to a client. The entire process of starting from competitor analysis to audience analysis, everything you need to create the perfect presentation for client pitching would be explained using real-time examples.

→ Group assignment:

In a digital marketing agency you would be working in groups. There are going to campaign for which you would need all hands on deck. Be it SEO, SEM, SMM or content, developing plans and executing ideas are all done in teams. If you learn to work in a group then it would be your backbone while working in a digital marketing agency. At Digital Scholar you would be working on group assignments that will help to derive at the best results possible.

→ Live projects:

You can learn digital marketing theoretically but wouldn’t be able to apply it unless you learn the nuances of creating a result-oriented campaign. So, at Digital Scholar you will be working on live projects. Live projects here include working with real clients, budgets, implementing digital marketing strategies and analysing results.

→ Discuss Case studies:

Local, national and international campaigns: In premium digital marketing agencies people constantly discuss the campaigns that have weightage and relevance. As every viral campaign has something that can be benchmarked and learned. At digital scholar, you will be exposed to several interesting cases where you study and come up with solutions. When you learn with a group of people you will be able to hear several other solutions which can help you to gain perspective.

→ Strategically strong:

With all the above-mentioned topics you will acquire a strong knowledge to strategically execute campaigns that will produce results.

→ Do’s and Don’ts within the agency:

When you enter into a digital marketing agency without understanding certain dos and don’ts you could end up a liability to the agency itself. There are certain sensitive issues that would require decisive thinking. At Digital Scholar, agency-style institute, you can learn the best practices that would result in your growth within the agency.

→ Mock interviews:

Digital Scholar, gives you inside insights on what would be asked in agency recruitments. They also conduct mock interviews to help students build confidence.

There will be 2 things that you would be gaining at the end;

  • You will be able to perform all forms of digital marketing for a business, up to industry standards.
  • You will be easily adapting to industry practises and get placed as a professional digital marketer.

Watch the video of me explaining the agency-style learning at Digital Scholar, to learn more.

I hope you now have a clear idea of how important this pattern of learning is.

Unique modules at Digital Scholar:

Unique modules at Digital Scholar:

→ The 4k module:

Wondering what the 4k module might include? Let me explain! Students at Digital Scholar would be given Rs.4000 from their fee amount, to spend on the domain, hosting and ad budget for campaigns. This model will help students to handle huge budgets at ease. Also, there is a module on Personal branding at Digital Scholar. With the Rs.4000 you will be able to build a brand for yourself. You can also continue to practise the same even after the completion of the course.

→ How to make money online:

If you are able to build a personal brand you can also earn money online. Digital Scholar’s module on how to make money online is trained by me. I have been making money online for the last 12 years. The aim while devising this module was to provide workable techniques along with personal insights. The module includes earning via blogging, affiliate initiatives and various collaborative measures.

→ Agency management:

For those who aim at starting a digital marketing agency, this module would be a delight. Starting from client management to project management and devising the right plan for a client, this module includes all that is necessary to launch a startup. In this module, you will also be learning about how to manage resources and segregate work over a period of time.

A quote that I strongly believe in is

To be a digital trainer you need to be a digital practitioner.

Trainers at Digital Scholar, practise a specific stream of digital marketing, religiously. There are 12 modules in the 3-months course. Each module is taught by industry experts who have their own successful campaigns and published works, in that particular field. This would help students to know more about result-driven practices of the trainers as well.

If you look at Digital Scholar’s recruitment partners, there are already companies like echoVME Digital, Social Beat, Social Panga, Smart CEO, Alive Now, Kinnect, Digital Influencer, Internet Moguls, Geek creative agency, O3M directional marketing, Urban Tree, DAC promoters, Fomra Housing, JCS, Welona Clinic, Chu Chu tv, and many others in line. I’m really excited about the first batch on September 7th 2019, as they are going to gain real-time experience in Digital marketing.

To conclude:

A lot of thought and processing has gone into the creation of Digital Scholar. It not only covers all the trending digital marketing topics but also takes a whole new approach in creating the right space for enthusiastic digital marketers. I hope that the agency -based training at Digital Scholar is going to set a certain standard for digital training institutes all over India.

‘To become a world-class digital marketer, you will have to become a Digital Scholar first’.

You can register for a free demo class of Digital Scholar’s 3 months Digital Marketing program, or reach us at 93610 72918.