Discover the New Rules of ‘Digital Marketing’

“You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything. ” – Beth Comstock

Ever wondered why small startups are gaining popularity over the established businesses? Are they using any ‘secret tool’? Yes Indeed! They are using their BRAINS to build strong digital marketing strategies! In this modern era, digital marketing has become the most important ingredient in the recipe of running a successful business. Having said that, simply digitalizing your business is not enough. Confused? Let us quote an example to help you understand the essence of digital marketing. There’s a person who knows the basics of playing chess. Can he win the game merely by knowing the moves of chess pieces? Definitely not! He has to stay alert and develop strategies according to the current situation and moves of the opponents. The similar approach goes for developing innovative digital marketing setup.

We have mustered up top 5 new rules of digital marketing that will help your business conquer the digital territory.

Customer is God

You read that right! You must pay attention to the needs of your customers and try to come out with innovative solutions. Jeff Bezos, the CEO of the world’s most trustworthy online shopping destination Amazon, has made it to the top among the rich people of the world. And the reason? From the very beginning he made a customer-eccentricity his priority and today, everybody knows the results! Keep a vision like him and always remember every single customer counts.

Update Your SEO Strategies

Digital marketing and SEO are literally a match made in digital heaven! Digital marketing without good SEO practice cannot survive for too long. Therefore, keep auditing and updating your SEO to keep pace with current market trends.

Content is King

Despite implementing hi-fi SEO techniques, your business page won’t rank if you fail to deliver strong content. Search engines like Google heavily rely on unique content for enhancing their consumers’ experience. If you want to increase your reach, make sure your content is decent, easy-to-understand, and unique.

Branding via Social Media

From a kid to adult to a senior person, almost everybody uses social media. The consumers of social media have doubled in the last couple of years. If this thing continues, soon social media would replace oxygen. Just Kidding! To become a pro in handling social media, you have to follow a simple rule: Post, Engage, Interact, and Repeat! Keep on posting personalized and attractive posts to engage your customers, interact with them by running contests or directly reply to their comments and keep doing this consistently. This is all you need for a strong branding.


The bottom line is one can’t rely on digital marketing strategies which were used a decade ago because the world of the internet keeps on changing constantly and every day brings new challenges. Therefore, keep your knowledge up-to-date in terms of SEO, content, and social media to be a star performer!