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Do It Yourself – Website Tutorials

Hey everyone, Mey here, with a quick question!
On the 26th, I will be going over with you guys about Google trends, and Google SEO, and how to use the knowledge you get from Google to sell better on sites like RedBubble, Society6, Teepublic, Etsy, or even your own print on demand store.
3 Days after that, on the 29th, I want to show you a fun & quick tutorial on building a FREE website to support your business!
While I will be making a “how to build an artist website tutorial” as well, this video on the 29th would be very specific, showing you how to use this new found keywords knowledge, and just make a website about a trending topic!

This system can also be used for a full website about ALL your products
But, for the sake of the tutorial, I need to focus it on one topic!
So, instead of me brainstorming with myself, let me know what you’d like to see on the 29th, a tutorial on how to build a website that shows off your:
1. Stickers
2. Face masks
3. Bags
4. Mugs
5. Socks

I chose these topics cause they are ALL topics that you can easily find good trending keywords for!
Comment your answers down below and on the 28th I will go over them and see if we have a winner out of the 5!

I will be seeing you in a few hours on my scheduled video of how come I’ve been on RedBubble for 4 years and never sold a tshirt, and also- what I do sell!
Check out my Instagram for alerts on live premiers & live chats

Can’t wait to see what you guys are interested in the most!
All my love, Mey 🙂


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