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Do It Yourself – Website Tutorials

In this tutorial video, I’ll be showing you how I built my website using Wix!
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Alright so I know a good amount of y’all are going into college, or you’re doing something in the c r e a t i v e field and have yet to tell your parents you want to major in art. So this video is just a glimpse into what I do outside of YouTube when I actually socialize and leave my house. Hopefully it encourages you to make your own Wix website or at least pursue more creative things!

2:03 picking a website template
2:30 changing font style
3:00 importing photos
3:24 making a new page
3:46 organizing gallery
4:03 delete a page
4:44 customize gallery
5:00 adding animations
5:19 change page background color
5:48 adjust page height
5:53 social links
6:49 grouping elements
8:04 contact form
8:43 mobile version

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Hi my name is Frederic Chen and I like making some below-average content.

how to make a portfolio website because we are PROFESSIONALS

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