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If it feels like your digital marketing isn’t getting the results you need, then you need a B2B digital marketing strategy that gives you a map to success. Your B2B digital marketing strategy is the foundation of digital marketing execution and we can help you develop a realistic and documented B2B digital marketing strategy.

B2B digital marketing strategy is the cornerstone of any successful B2B digital marketing activity. You can spend your entire marketing budget on digital, but if your tactics aren’t integrated with a common strategy, then you’ll be wasting a lot of that budget. At FullerFunnels we build digital strategies around marketing and sales funnels. You may already have a digital strategy. The challenge with marketing strategies is that they’re often created by agencies or consultancies and are tied to unrealistic scenarios and resources. By linking your marketing strategy to your sales and marketing funnel we make it pragmatic and measurable.

Do businesses need a digital marketing strategy?

With so many channels and tactics at your disposal, it’s easy to be everywhere but achieve nothing. Digital is full of shiny objects and that’s why having a digital marketing strategy is important. In the ever-changing world of digital, your strategy is your compass.

Lack of strategy at best results in a lack of focus, at worst it means that your tactics can be working against each other. A typical example is where your teams go off and create multiple landing pages each trying to achieve similar goals, but with each page diminishing your chances of ranking in the organic results. A marketing funnel needs to support different entry points and needs multiple landing pages, but these need to be created with a strategy in mind. A FullerFunnels digital marketing strategy will consider the user journey within the funnel and how to add prospects to the funnel.

If you’re implementing any digital tactic for your business-to-business (B2B) organization, then you need to have a B2B digital strategy in place. There are dozens of tactics available to marketers; the problem is that they are rarely executed with a holistic strategy in mind. The result of not having a B2B digital marketing strategy is a poor return on investment and a lack of consistency.

The issues that arise from a lack of strategy are particularly prevalent in business-to-business (B2B) companies where multiple tactics are targeting a very niche audience. Without a clear strategy that audience will receive multiple different messages from multiple different channels, wasting marketing budget and confusing the audience.

How could having a B2B digital marketing strategy help your business?

A B2B digital marketing strategy helps guide every digital marketing tactic towards the same set of goals. It’s easy for employees to start executing tactics independently of each other and under the radar of any corporate governance. A digital strategy gives everyone in your organization a clear direction and prioritisation of your digital marketing activity.

The process of preparing a strategy is just as valuable as having the finished document. In your B2B digital marketing strategy, you need to understand who your audience is and what they want to talk to you about.

How can a B2B digital marketing strategy help optimise my marketing funnel?

A digital marketing strategy is an overview for anyone in your business that needs to understand your sales and marketing funnel. It should capture your marketing vision from target market to marketing goals. Your digital marketing strategy should inform your marketing funnel in the following ways:

A digital marketing strategy helps your organisation think digital first

Despite the fast adoption of digital by B2B buyers, B2B vendors are falling behind with less than 25% of B2B executives understanding the impact digital is having on their industries (source). A B2B digital marketing strategy is a tool for building digital understanding among executives. When compared the B2C businesses, B2B businesses are behind in digital strategy, organizations effectiveness, digital skills, and digital culture.

Establishing a B2B digital marketing strategy helps organizations to evaluate their own businesses, both its strengths and weaknesses. A digital marketing strategy also requires a business to look outwards at the industry and direct competitors. A digital strategy helps to guide a business forward with an awareness of all factors that will influence the business.

A B2B digital marketing strategy isn’t just a document that gathers dust. Businesses with a digital marketing strategy have owners responsible for delivery. Unlike businesses with no documented strategy, having a digital marketing strategy provides accountability for delivery. By linking your digital marketing strategy to a tangible marketing funnel you’ll be able to give accountability for implementation and results.

Most marketers don’t have a digital strategy. Having one could help you win in B2B marketing

Digital marketing gives you access to a vast number of new tactics which you can use to generate demand and awareness. However, the route to poor ROI and failure is deploying these tactics without a strategy. FullerFunnels will help your business develop a digital marketing strategy and identify which marketing tactics you should use to deliver that strategy to fill your sales and marketing funnels.

Sun Tzu said “tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat” and that is a fact in digital marketing. You’ll be wasting your time and your marketing budget without a strategy to guide your actions.

Need help with your B2B digital marketing strategy?

FullerFunnels is a digital marketing consultancy delivering strategic insight and operational excellence. A B2B digital marketing strategy is the foundation of all your digital marketing activity. Working with us means you’ll have a pragmatic digital marketing strategy that helps you meet your objectives.

The advantages of working with FullerFunnels on your B2B digital marketing strategy

You might be wondering why you should work with FullerFunnels? Here are just a few reasons why.

It’s like having your own internal digital strategist

FullerFunnels is the ideal balance between recruiting in-house and using an agency. Our mission is to deliver strategic insight and operational excellence. We do that by working closely with you, not as a distant agency. We also keep our overheads low, allowing us to be more competitive than any other B2B agency. Just try us!

Done for you B2B digital marketing solutions

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